How do I put on eyeshadow?

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How do I put on eyeshadow?

Here’s what you need to do to put on eyeshadow:

Start by choosing eyeshadow colors that go with the color of your eyes and the look you want to achieve.

Use a primer or concealer on your eyelids. This will help make a smooth base for your eyeshadow and make it last longer. Apply the lightest color all over your eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.

Put a color in the middle of the inner corner of your eyelid and blend it up and out. Use the darkest color along the edge of your eyelashes and blend it into the crease.

Use a clean brush for blending to soften lines or edges too sharp.

To finish the look, put on eyeliner and mascara. Make sure your eyeshadow looks natural and isn’t too heavy or too light by looking at it in natural light.

The best way to apply eyeshadow
The best way to apply eyeshadow

The best way to apply eyeshadow

It’s important to know that there are different ways to put on eyeshadow, depending on the look you want. For example, you can use just one shade for a simple look or several shades for a more dramatic look. Also, you can use different eyeshadow brushes for different parts of the eyelid, like a tapered brush for the crease, a flat brush for the lid, and a smudger brush for the lower lash line.

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  1. Build up the color slowly. It’s always easier to add more color than to take it away, so start with a small amount of eyeshadow and add more as needed.
  2. Use a neutral shade as a base. Using a neutral shade all over the eyelid as a base can help the other colors you use look brighter and last longer.
  3. Blend, blend, blend: blending is the key to making your makeup look natural and smooth.
  4. Use a clean brush for blending to soften lines or edges too sharp.
  5. Use matte shades for a natural look. Matte eyeshadows can give you a natural and subtle look, while shimmery eyeshadows can give you a more dramatic look.
  6. Try out different techniques. For example, you can use a wet brush to make the color stronger, or you can use eyeshadow as eyeliner.
  7. You can use eyeshadow to shape your eyes by putting a darker color on the outside corner of your eyelid and blending it in.
  8. Don’t forget the line below your eyes. If you put eyeshadow along the lower lash line, your eyes will look bigger and more awake.
  9. Try out different color schemes and groups of colors. You can try different colors and combinations to get different looks, like a smokey eye.
  10. Prime your lids before applying eyeshadow to keep the color from fading and the shadow from creasing.
  11. Eyeshadow brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific task, such as a flat brush for packing on color, a blending brush for blending and softening harsh edges, or a smudger brush for smudging and creating a smokey effect.
  12. By putting different colors of eyeshadow on top of each other, you can give your eyes more depth and dimension. Use a light base color, a medium shade in the crease, and a dark shade in the outer corner to create a graduated look.
  13. To make the eyes appear larger and the forehead looks higher, try using a light shade of eyeshadow or highlighter to emphasize the brow bone.
  14. Make your eyeshadow last longer and look more vibrant by using a setting spray after you’ve applied it.
  15. Try out different brushes, colors, and ways to put on eyeshadow to get the hang of it.
  16. Remember to wash your brushes. The bacteria on dirty brushes can get into your eyes and make it hard to put on eyeshadow evenly.

It’s important to remember that the best way to learn how to use eyeshadow is to try out different colors and textures until you find the combination that looks best with your eye shape. It’s more important to learn how to play around with different colors and techniques to make exciting effects than to stick to a strict set of rules.

Best eyeshadow

Best eyeshadow

The best eyeshadow depends on your own tastes, the color of your skin, and the look you’re going for. Here are a few popular choices that are usually thought to be of good quality and last a long time:

  1. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is a classic for a reason: its neutral shades can be used to achieve a wide variety of looks, from subtle to dramatic.
  2. The Mothership Palette from Pat McGrath Labs is a high-end eyeshadow set that comes in a variety of metallic, matte, and shimmer finishes.
  3. The mini palettes in Huda Beauty’s Obsessions collection come with a carefully chosen range of colors and finishes that can be used to create a wide range of looks.
  4. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette is a versatile set of matte and metallic warm and neutral shades that can be used to create a wide range of eye and face looks.
  5. Tarte’s Tartelette The In Bloom Clay Palette has 12 wearable, highly pigmented shades in both matte and shimmer finishes, making it ideal for creating a wide range of natural, everyday looks.
  6. Charlotte Tilbury’s luxury eyeshadow palettes come in a wide variety of colors and textures, such as matte, metallic, and glitter, and are easy to apply and wear all day.
  7. The Narcissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette has a wide variety of matte, metallic, and shimmer shades that are highly pigmented and easy to blend.
How do I put on eyeshadow?

Remember that the eyeshadow that looks best on you is the one that works with your skin tone, your desired look, and your personal preferences. Try on the eyeshadow in natural light, look at the swatches, read reviews, and consider how the shade will look on different skin tones before making a purchase. Read other articles from Heli Beauty blog.

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