Clarification Text

Heli Beauty Appointment for the Processing of Personal Data with the Clarification Text for the Internet Services (“Clarification Text”) (“Heli Beauty Appointment”), in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW”), in the capacity of Data Controller, within the framework of our obligation to inform you, within the scope of the “PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW,” of the methods and legal justifications for the collection of your Personal Data as defined below, our methods and policy of protecting your Personal Data We would like to let you know about some instances of personal data, the identity of the data controller, the reasons why personal data is processed, the sending of your personal data overseas or to third parties, as well as the rights you have under the Personal Data Protection Law.

The term “personal data,” as used in the Personal Data Protection Law, refers to all information pertaining to an identified or identifiable natural person. Special Quality Personal Data, a subset of this, refers to information based on race, ethnicity, political opinion, philosophical belief, religious affiliation, sect membership, sexual orientation, and other beliefs. It also refers to information regarding clothing, associations, foundations, or union membership, health, security measures, and biometrics. Your sensitive personal data is included in the definition of “personal data” in this context.

Heli Beauty complies with all legal requirements set out in the relevant legislation, in particular the personal data protection law, while processing personal data. Heli Beauty also takes the appropriate security precautions to host your personal information safely and prevent its unauthorized use.Visit our “Heli Beauty Appointment Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy” website to see our policy about the protection of your personal data. The processing of personal data described in this Clarification Text is done in line with the Heli Beauty Appointment Personal Data Protection Policy, the personal data protection law, and any applicable laws.According to the personal data protection law, we obtain your Personal Data either automatically or manually, orally, in writing, or electronically, through the channels listed below and any additional channels that may be added in the future, and we process them in accordance with Articles 5.1, 5.2, 6.2, and 6.3 of the personal data protection law:On our websites at, as well as other websites that may be developed in the future (“Websites”), you may utilize electronic or non-automatic methods, including but not limited to the following pages:The comment section on websites (“Comment Section”), records created in accordance with the website’s Terms of Use, electronically or manually through cookies (” Cookies”) that communicate to your devices on the Website (usually anonymous data is collected with cookies), through accounts managed on behalf of Heli Beauty Appointment on a variety of social media platforms (” Social Media “), electronically, automatically, or manually. Other means of contact, such as emails sent to us (“E-mail”), text messages (“SMS”), multimedia messages (“MMS”) sent to Heli Beauty Appointment for other reasons, and several other channels (“Contact Us”), are also available. either automatically or not, in writing, vocally, or electronically, via verbal, written, or electronic communication in the context of sales, marketing, and after-sales services across the whole service sales and marketing network (“Sales Network”), whether it is owned by Heli Beauty and is instead run or developed by third parties. via our network of after-sales services (” SSH “) created or run by any third parties, whether orally, in writing, electronically, mechanically, or manually, verbally or electronically, automatically or not, using our call centers (“Call Center”),via third parties, such as group companies, business partners, manufacturers, or businesses that supply services or goods to whom Heli Beauty delivers services, whether verbally, electronically, mechanically, or manually, via your website, social media accounts, or other platforms where you make your personal data available, whether orally or electronically, automatically or manually.

2. Which Personal Data We Process

Personal Data You Provide to Us: In accordance with the guidelines and objectives outlined in this Clarification Text, we treat all categories of Personal Data that you voluntarily submit to us via the aforementioned channels. In this context, your Personal Data, which you share as part of professional contracts and distance sales contracts reached when registering for membership or making purchases through our Internet sites, such as name-surname, date of birth, diploma, education status, TR Identity number, phone number, e-mail address, and address, are examples. Your Personal Data that you provide when using our Internet sites’ “Make Appointment” service, which may also include Special Qualified Personal Data like your availability status and calendar, Your Personal Data that you share while speaking with our Call Center, Other information, including Personal Data Gathered Automatically: In accordance with the guidelines and objectives outlined in this Clarification Text, we treat any Personal Data that is automatically collected by automated search engines, picture and sound recording devices, or cookies. Unless you are a member, the information gathered by cookies is anonymous and does not qualify as personal data. In this context, the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet; internet browser plug-in types and versions; email receipts and read-acknowledgments; login; email address; password; computer and connection information, such as internet browser type and version; clock setting; operating system; and platform; purchase history; location; URLs you enter through our websites; cookie number; Examples include the products you view or call; and any other data that may be used to identify you, such as any information about fraud protection and device diagnostics.Additionally, we handle technical information that is not Personal Data that will enable us to identify your device via Flash cookies and web browser channels.

Other data, including personal information from other sources: We may also get data about you from other sources, and we may treat Personal Data in accordance with the guidelines and objectives outlined in this Clarification Text. Our business partners, your Personal Data to us updated address information we collect based on the permission you have given to the relevant data controllers; account information; your professional information and contact information that you have made public on your website or other channel; your Personal Data shared with us based on your prior consent to the relevant social media tools in the membership records made to the Internet Sites via social media tools;

3. Identitying the Data Controller

The Data Controller for your Personal Data shared through the aforementioned channels is Vadi istanbul, Porta Vadi Cendere Caddesi T2 Blok, Floor: 1, Office: 10, 34398 Kâğıthane/İstanbul and Mersis number 0461100599000001.

4. Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

Your Personal Information is processed by Heli Beauty for the following objectives after being obtained through the channels and techniques specified in this Clarification Text:

 Within the scope of personal data protection law, see Articles 5.2 and 6.3; In order to maintain our legal duties (such as those imposed by tax laws, consumer protection laws, workplace health and safety laws, the law of obligations, other laws pertaining to business and commerce, telecommunications laws, and banking laws), we must: electronic invoice, electronic archive, or as required by consumer laws In such circumstances, the processing of your data and any other processing that is within the purview of the applicable rule may be used as instances.

If it is physically impossible for you to provide your permission, or if it is required to defend your life or the life or bodily integrity of another person, yet your consent is not legally valid: Your Personal Data will be automatically processed if an urgent intervention is needed due to a health issue that develops in our sales representative’s presence. The pertinent Any additional procedure that falls within the purview of the rule may be used as an example.

 For the purpose of forming or carrying out a contract: rendering to you all services made available by Heli Beauty Appointment through the Internet sites and Call Center, including all services made available to our participants under the terms of participation; getting in touch with you as required in this regard; and rendering membership and customer support as necessary for membership activation. All other types of transactions that fall within the purview of carrying out our duties, such as getting in touch when appropriate and in compliance with the applicable law, may be used as examples in this context.

 In order to meet our legal obligations, transactions such as those involving the answering and resolving of your inquiries, complaints, and notifications regarding Heli Beauty Appointment services received through websites, communication tools, or call centers, as well as any other transactions that can be linked to the applicable regulation, can be given as examples. Transactions completed within the scope of maintaining records as evidence within the scope of sales and after-sales services, and any other transactions that can be attributed within the scope of the relevant regulation, can be given as examples for the purpose of establishing, exercising, or protecting a right.

The processes, such as assessing and resolving your requests in this context, measuring the quality of the service, and all other actions that can be attributed within the scope of the applicable regulation by the Call Center where the audio is recorded, can be given as examples in order to protect our legitimate interests without impairing your fundamental rights and freedoms. Additionally, without your explicit approval, your Personal Data that you have made public may be used for the additional reasons listed above. An example of this scenario would be the processing of your Personal Data that you have made public on Social Media platforms, your website, and other channels, as well as any other processing that falls within the scope of the applicable legislation. In accordance with Articles 5.1 and 6.2 of the personal data protection law, your explicit permission may be sought for the following processing of your Personal Data gathered via the aforementioned channels, again using the procedures described above: Processing your private personal data, such as information about your sexual orientation and general health, that you voluntarily submitted in the appropriate Comment Sections on Website pages in order to guarantee the openness of the services provided and carry out the functions of our websites. Processing in order to provide possibilities for you to purchase certain goods and services, such as cross-selling, campaign, opportunity, and product/service adverts, processing the websites in order to provide you tailored content while you’re there, processing with the goal of executing further marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) operations and delivering specific promotions, campaigns, rewards, and advantages for sales, telesales, and marketing activities, processing to develop new models for products and services, processing of business electronic communications (such as campaigns, newsletters, customer satisfaction surveys, product and service advertisements),processing in order to distribute promotional materials, presents, and other magazines and periodicals, processing with the aim of planning internal communications, as well as other events and invites falling under this category, and notifying the recipients of them;

Additionally, we will treat your Private Personal Data as described in Article 5.2 of the Personal Data Protection Law and for the reasons listed in these clauses I through viii, with your explicit permission.

5. Processing Time for Your Personal Data

Your personal information that you provided to Heli Beauty Appointment via the channels listed in this Clarification Text will be handled in accordance with applicable laws governing the protection of personal information, particularly the Personal Data Protection Law, and for the time periods specified by other laws, unless the aforementioned legitimate purposes are nonetheless not served.

6. Transfer of Your Personal Data to Third Parties and/or Abroad

Within the parameters of PERSONAL Personal Data Protection Law and other laws and for the reasons specified in this Clarification Text, Heli Beauty Appointment may transmit your Personal Data obtained via the channels and methods stated in this Clarification Text to third parties or overseas. Data pertaining to you:

 Storage, archiving, and information technology support (server, hosting, program, cloud) in Turkey and abroad, particularly in EU countries, America, England, OECD countries, India, China, and Russia, are permitted in the event that the purposes outlined in Articles 5.2 and 6.3 of the Personal Data Protection Law exist. IT), security, contact centers, with Group Companies, partners in business, suppliers, banks, financial institutions, law, tax, and other third parties from which we get help, etc. When a transfer is necessary for certain objectives, it may be given to consulting businesses that get funding in connected disciplines, as well as to other linked parties, accredited institutions, and organizations;

 Marketing firms, Group Companies, and outside parties offering marketing support are covered by Articles 5.1 and 6.3 of the Personal Data Protection Law above, provided your express consent is obtained for the purposes decided upon both domestically and abroad, particularly in the EU, America, England, the OECD, India, China, and Russia. On the basis of your explicit permission, it may be disclosed to service providers (for the purposes of sending emails, developing campaigns, or businesses that provide CRM help).

 In addition, any natural or legal individuals who have acquired your Personal Data, such as their shareholders, business partners, intermediaries, or consultants, will do so in the event that the Site or some of its assets (including but not limited to brands, domain names, and other commercial business elements) are sold with your express consent. In the event of a transfer, the transferee may continue to process your Personal Data, which are the assets attached to these assets and may be transferred to third parties at home or abroad, to the extent necessary for the transfer, after making the necessary evaluation by these third parties during the transaction process.

7. Access to Your Personal Data and Your Rights Under PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW

applying to Heli Beauty Appointment in accordance with PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW Article 11;

You have the rights to:

Identifying whether or not your personal information is handled, asking details about whether your personal data has been processed, finding out why your personal data is being processed and if it’s being utilized for that reason, Knowing the third parties, domestic or foreign, to whom your personal data is sent and requesting that your personal data be corrected if it has been handled in error or isn’t complete, To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data so that it may be reviewed in accordance with the criteria of purpose, duration, and validity in the event that the circumstances for its processing no longer exist, Requesting that the parties to whom the Personal Data has been transmitted be informed of any changes to, erasure of, or destruction of your Personal Data, If a decision is made against you based solely on the analysis of your processed personal data by automated systems and you object to this outcome, In the event that your personal data is handled illegally and you experience harm as a result, you may request compensation for the damage.

In this case, by putting together your request about the aforementioned rights and sending an email from your registered email address to our email address below—which may change from time to time—in accordance with the restrictions established by the

Personal Data Protection Authority. Check your email address) or to our mail address below, which may change from time to time, with a petition that has been wet-signed or through a notary public, and can be added to these in the future, as determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority. Other means of sending are available. Before applying, please verify the current application procedures according to the law. Heli Beauty Scheduling, depending on the nature of the request, will resolve the issue without charge as quickly as feasible, but no later than 30 (thirty) days. Heli Beauty may ask for the fees listed in the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board if a separate charge is necessary to resolve Heli Beauty’s requests.

Postal address : Vadi istanbul, Porta Vadi Cendere Caddesi T2 Blok, Floor: 1, Office: 10, 34398 Kâğıthane/İstanbul.

Email address: info@helibeauty.

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