Our cosmetic service package offers a range of expertly crafted methods provided by our talented professionals, all designed to enhance your natural beauty. With the guidance and advice of our skilled makeup artists, you can select the perfect makeup techniques and high-quality products that best suit your taste.

Bride Makeup


Night Makeup

From 2200TL

Night makeup is applied according to your face shape and is darker and more complete than daytime makeup. It includes contouring and permanent eyelash extensions. Perfect for special occasions or a night out on the town.

Eye Makeup


Enhance your eyes with the eye makeup technique, which features eyeliner, artificial eyelashes, and eye shadow. This practical and economical option allows you to quickly get ready and customize the rest of your makeup as desired.

Daily Light Makeup

From 1400TL

Adore the grace of uncomplicated beauty with everyday light makeup! Many people like to wear light makeup every day since it’s an easy and natural way to draw attention to their greatest qualities.Table of ContentsDo you need daily light makeup?How does a daily light makeup service work, and what should I prepare for?Who wants to […]


Eyelash implantation and extension are popular methods for achieving thicker, darker, and longer lashes. Our skilled technicians delicately attach artificial eyelashes to your natural ones, strand by strand, using semi-permanent glue. When selecting the perfect implant model, our beauty experts consider your eye shape, angle, and personal preferences, ensuring a stunning result tailored just for you.

Eyelash Extention – Hybrid / Refill


A mix of classic and volume lashes are used to fill empty spaces, creating a natural yet full look

Eyelash Extention – Spike / Refill


Spiky eyelash extension refill is done 3 weeks after application. After removing the grown lashes, the empty spaces will be filled again according to your eye shape.This will give you a unique look.

Eyelash Extention – Volume / Refill


Volume eyelash extension refill is done 3 weeks after application. After removing the grown lashes, the empty spaces will be filled again in a voluminous way.

Eyelash Extention – Classic / Refill


Classic eyelash extension refill is done 3 weeks after application. After removing the grown lashes, the empty spaces will be filled again. This will keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.

Eyelash Lift


Indulge in our Eyelash Lift procedure to reveal strengthened, voluminous, bold, and thick lashes. Using minerals and tonics, your lashes are revitalized, regaining their natural and enchanting beauty.

Spiky Eyelash


The Spiky eyelash extension artfully balances volume and length, complementing your eye type with varying lash lengths for a harmonious and striking result.

Super Volume Eyelashes


Experience fuller and more voluminous lashes with our Super Volume eyelash extension, where 2 to 9 strands are artfully placed on a single lash, creating a glamorous and dramatic effect.

Volume Eyelashes


For a touch of multidimensional allure, opt for our Valium eyelashes, featuring 2 to 5 strands on each lash, adding both volume and length for a captivating look.

Classic Eyelashes


Embrace a subtly enhanced look with our Classic eyelash services, as one artificial eyelash is applied to each natural lash, granting them a slightly fuller and longer appearance while maintaining a genuine vibe.


Welcome to Heli Beauty, where beautiful, healthy, and expertly-styled hair becomes a reality for everyone. Our skilled professionals deeply understand different hair types, face shapes, and seasonal trends, allowing us to tailor the perfect hairstyle and recommend suitable hair care products just for you.


Hair Rejuvenating

From 3000TL

Through a combination of natural ingredients, proteins, and amino acids, our hair rejuvenation procedure restores health, shine, and texture, reinvigorating your hair from within.

Hair Dye

From 2000TL

The hair color is done with high-quality colors and materials, and when done properly, it makes the face seem younger and more attractive.

Hair Decolorization

From 3500TL

Hair bleaching involves the use of decolorizing procedures such balayage, light, ombre, sombre, etc.

Hair Extensions (Plus Hair)

From 96TL

Our micro-method ensures seamless and natural-looking hair extensions, allowing you to choose your preferred hair type and color from our diverse selection.

Bun Hair Hairstyle

From 900TL

We offer elegant gathered hairstyles for special events like weddings and formal parties that perfectly complement your charm.

Facial Hair Removal


To enhance the look and attractiveness of the face, facial hair is removed utilizing instruments like threads, razors, and wax.

Eyebrow and Face Correction


Our modern techniques and high sensitivity come into play for face and eyebrow correction, bringing out the best in your facial features.

Women’s Haircuts


Get ready to embrace the perfect look with our women’s haircuts, where our experts use a wide range of techniques and styles to bring out the best in your hair, considering its size, type, and personal taste.


From 4000TL

Discover the magic of hair keratin as it fills your hair’s pores, giving it a smooth, lustrous texture while reducing frizz.

Hair Extensions


The micro method is used to install natural hair on the head.


Men’s Hair Color


Our expert team uses high-quality, men’s-specific products to achieve your desired look, whether it’s covering grays, enhancing your natural color, or trying a bold new style.

Scalp & Hair Treatment

From 700TL

Restore your hair’s health and vitality with our male hair vitamin treatment. This treatment is designed to nourish and strengthen your hair, reducing breakage and promoting growth. We use only the highest quality ingredients, so you can be sure your hair is in good hands

Face Wax


We use high-quality wax that is gentle on the skin and removes hair from the root. We’ll ensure that your waxing experience is comfortable and pain-free.

Men’s Hair And Facial Grooming


Experience a dapper transformation with our men’s hair and face grooming service. Our specialists skillfully cut and shape your hair and facial hair; whether it’s a classic mustache style, beard grooming, or a simple trim, we’ve got you covered.

Men’s Haircuts


Our men’s haircuts encompass cutting and styling hair to suit your age, gender, taste, and hair volume, all achieved efficiently using various shaving tools.


Children’s Haircuts


We handle children’s haircuts with special care, ensuring their hair is arranged in the desired shape, precisely tailored to parents’ needs and preferences.

Nail Art

At Heli Beauty, beautiful and healthy nails contribute to overall well-being. Our top-notch nail specialists provide a wide range of nail planting and repair services, using high-quality materials and adhering to strict health guidelines.


Hand and Manicure Gel Polish


In this section, dry manicure is done first, and then gel polish is applied on the nails. In the gel polish, without adding to the length of the nail, only the imperfections on the nail shell of the fingers are removed.

Ombre Design


In ombre design, two or more colors are combined with each other and gives a stylish yet natural effect to the nails.

Wet Manicure


One of the nail beauty procedures known as a “wet manicure” involves soaking the nails in water for at least a few minutes in order to soften them. They are then formed using specific tools, and make their texture smooth and soft.

Dry Manicure


It’s one of the manicure techniques that doesn’t need placing the hands in water. This technique’s benefits include not requiring water and protecting against dryness and cracking of the skin and nails.

Nail Implant Removal


A tool is used to take off things like lamination, gelish, extension, and other things that were put on the nails. Then, a nail file is used to smooth and fix the nails.

French Nails


One of the most famous nail art styles is French. In this type, the end of the nail is white and the rest of the nail is clear.

Nail Design

From 30TL

Nail design is offered as one of the beauty services. Nail design includes coloring and designing with different patterns and models using special tools on the nails.

Polygel Implant Repair


Polygel substance is placed to the nail in this technique to strengthen it and give it an attractive form.

Laminate Nail Repair


In this method, a polymer coating is placed on the nail and the nail lamination is repaired using special techniques. Laminate nail repair takes less time than nail implant repair.

Polygel Nail Implant

From 1450TL

Nail gel is a creative method of nail implantation with many fans due to its high flexibility and lack of skin sensitivity. The nail gel protects the nail shell from impact while being beautiful and strong.

Gelix Nail Implant


Gelix nail implant is one of the latest nail implant techniques with many advantages, including saving time. In this method, there is no need to use materials, filing, and shaping.

Nail Lamination


Nail lamination is done to strengthen and give volume to the nails. You can have your favorite color and design on the laminate.

Baby Boomer Nail Design


Our baby boomer nail implant blends two colors, creating a stunning and unique nail design to elevate your elegance.

Journal Nail Design


Journal nail planting is a subset of nail art in which the nails are very long, and the nails’ design differs from others. In this method, you can also use nail design accessories.

Special Nail Design


In Special nail design, unique patterns are created for the nails. The patterns are more lasting in this method since the nails are coated with a beautiful covering.


Nail Lamination Removal


Nail lamination removal is a treatment that is done to remove the nail lamination from the nails. It is typically done by our professional using acetone or another solvent.

Nail Lamination Refill


A nail lamination refill is a treatment that is done to refresh the look of a nail lamination. It is typically done every 3-4 weeks.

Shellac Dry Pedicure


Shellac dry pedicure is a type of pedicure that does not involve soaking the feet in water. This type of pedicure is a good option for people who have diabetes or other conditions that make it difficult to soak their feet.

Shellac Pedicure


Shellac pedicure is a type of pedicure that uses shellac polish. Shellac polish is a hybrid of gel and traditional nail polish that is long-lasting and chip-resistant.

Feet Nail Lamination


Feet nail lamination is a treatment that strengthens and protects the nails. It is a good option for people who frequently get gel, as it can help prevent the nails from yellowing.

Toenail Implant


Toenail Implant is performed in this service according to the type of your nail and the health of the nail shell.

Toenail Repair


This method places a polymer coating on the toenail, and the nail lamination is repaired using special techniques.

Gel Polish Feet


This method is very suitable for toenails with little growth, especially toes that often get broken, and lasts for about two months.

VIP Pedicure


VIP pedicure includes the use of paraffin and detoxifying salts for the feet. In addition to relaxing the body by removing all toxins, lime, and dust, detoxifying salt has antibacterial properties. In addition to the mentioned items, paraffin helps the health and strength of the skin and reduces joint pains.

Normal Pedicure


The typical pedicure technique is performed using unique foot masks and cocktails and helps to protect and care for the skin of the feet.

Pedicure and Nail Polish


You can receive nail polish, pedicures, and foot skin care services by choosing this service.

Skin Care

Skin care services include consultations, maintenance practices, and product recommendations tailored to a person's skin type, lifestyle, level of physical activity, and even where a person lives or works. Professional and trained specialists perform all skin care services at Heli Beauty to improve your skin's health and appearance. For best results, damaged skin requiring more specialized treatments will receive skincare from a dermatologist and esthetician.

Men’s Skin Rejuvenation and Clarification


Men’s Skin Rejuvenation and Clarification is a treatment that is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin. It also includes a mask that helps to increase circulation and an LED light therapy treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Happy Face Facial Radiance Therapy


Happy Face Facial Radiance Therapy is a treatment that uses infrared light to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of pores, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

Happy Face Deluxe Skincare


Deluxe Happy Face skincare employs a unique mask that not only whitens the skin but also eradicates black spots. The subsequent step involves a gold mask containing natural 24-carat gold powder, infused with vitamin and mineral capsules. This mask permeates the skin through LED rays, locking in its nourishing properties, leading to an instant radiant […]

Happy Face Eye Care


Happy Face eye care focuses on the skin’s health under the eyes, eyelids, and around it. This method applies serum and cream compatible with the skin’s structure around the eyes after skin cleansing. Then, with the help of a unique LED device, the sound waves around the eyes vibrate, which helps to feed the lower […]

Happy Face Anti-aging Skincare


In Happy Face, anti-aging skincare, the skin is first thoroughly cleaned, and a mask is applied, which is effective in accelerating blood circulation under the skin of the face. Using the sound wavelength, radio frequencies, and vibration waves of a special device placed on the skin, the skin of the face is pulled up and […]

Happy Face Anti-blemish Skincare


Happy Face anti-blemish skincare is specially designed for individuals with blemish-prone and two-toned skin. The process begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin, followed by the application of an anti-blemish skincare product. This unique mask effectively balances skin color inconsistencies and enhances blood circulation. By utilizing the LED beam treatment method, it lightens skin […]

Happy Face Acne Skincare


In Happy Face anti-acne skincare, the skin undergoes thorough cleansing before a professional device is employed, utilizing light and sound wavelengths. This device aids in the penetration of acne-drying and cell repair products into the deeper layers of the skin. It’s essential to note that all skincare treatments at Heli Beauty are conducted under the […]

Mini-facial Skin Treatment


This skincare method briefly does everything necessary to have healthy, transparent skin. The process starts with a thorough cleansing to remove dirt and excess oil. Then, specific masks suitable for your skin type are applied to the face, followed by a relaxing skin massage.

Happy Face Classic Skincare


The classic skincare method begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin using appropriate products and tools, followed by exfoliation for deep skin cleansing. A relaxing mask is then applied to the face for 15 minutes, allowing the skin to rejuvenate. The skincare is concluded by applying a suitable moisturizer and sunscreen.



In the hydrofacial method, the skin is first cleansed, providing a clean canvas. Next, exfoliation takes place to remove dead skin cells and deep-seated impurities using a gentle suction device. The final step involves hydrating the skin with a nourishing mask and serum, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.


Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to remove unwanted hair. It works by targeting the pigment in hair follicles and causing damage, resulting in the gradual reduction of hair growth over several sessions.


Women’s Laser – Buttocks


Achieve permanently smoother buttocks with our AfroPrime Diode laser technology. This powerful laser tackles unwanted hair effectively, leaving you with confidence and freedom from constant stubble.

Women’s Laser – Full Leg




In this laser, unwanted hairs on the lower neck, behind the shoulders and between the two blades of the scapulae disappear.



The bikini line laser also covers the area 3 cm above the bikini lines, and after the laser, unwanted hair stops growing in that area.



For the long-term removal of armpit hair, this procedure is highly secure and quite efficient.

Full Legs


This laser includes both legs from the toes to the bottom of the hips. But it does not include the bikini line.

Half Legs


Leg laser hair removal for women covers the lower half of the legs, from below the knee to the ankle.

Full Arms


Your hands’ undesirable hair will be laser-removed from the doli muscle area to the wrist on both hands.

Half Arms


Half arm laser includes removing unwanted hair from shoulder to elbow or from elbow to wrist.

Lower Back (Waist)


The waist laser also removes unwanted hair from your back; this technique covers the area from the spine’s lowest point to 15 cm above it.



In this laser, shoulder hairs are completely removed.



This technique works for any combination of skin and hair colors and is triggered on unwanted hair on the abdominal area.



Breast hair laser allows you to have hairless breasts by reducing hair growth.



Lasers are used to permanently remove unwanted facial hair since conventional and home remedies are ineffective for doing so.

Full Body


The whole body laser allows you to remove unwanted hair from the whole body painlessly and easily.


Men’s Laser – Arms


Experience permanent hair reduction on your arms with our advanced AfroPrime Diode laser technology. This laser delivers targeted pulses of light that effectively disable hair follicles, leading to smoother, hair-free skin.

Men’s Laser – Abdomen


Men’s Laser – Half Arm


Shoulder blade


The unwanted hair in this area is completely removed by the laser on the back of the shoulder.



Breast laser totally removes unwanted hair from that area.

Full Body


The whole body laser allows you to remove unwanted hair from the whole body painlessly and easily.

Full Leg


Laser hair removal of the entire leg includes both of your legs from the ankle to the area below the buttocks.

Half Leg


The area just above or below the knee is lasered with the half-leg laser.



A laser for armpit hair removal softens its skin, lessens ingrown hairs, and protects against razor and sweating burns.

Full Arms


It is simple and painless to laser the unwanted hair on both hands, from the wrist area to the underarms.

Back (Neck)


Laser is used to permanently remove the hair behind the men’s neck to the point where hair has grown.



Unwanted belly hair can be removed with abdominal laser without any pain or side effects.



The purpose of men’s facial laser is to remove unwanted hair the area above beard as well as other parts of face.


Different methods of permanent makeup have gained many fans in recent years. If these methods are done correctly and according to the principles, they can be effective in facial skin care by reducing the use of makeup in addition to saving money.

Permenent Eyeliner


Permanent eyeliner with the dip-liner technique is mostly done on the lash line to make it look natural and more precise. This method is not recommended for people with hooded eyelids.

Eyebrow Lift


Organic keratin materials are used to do eyebrow lifts without the need of implants, needles, or surgery. For people who have untidy or falling eyebrows, this technique is the most affordable and natural option for changing the eyebrow model.



The eyelash tattoo (deepliner) is executed similarly to the eyeliner tattoo, but it is considerably more slight and doesn’t change the shape of the eyes. For this tattoo, special color or ink is inserted between the eyelashes and into the skin tissue using specialized instruments then, the eyelashes will appear thicker and darker.

Permanent Lipstick


Under the first layer of lip skin, which will exhibit a more natural appearance due to less harm, colors are applied to produce permanent lipstick.

Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal is one of the ways to remove tattoos. The heat of the laser breaks down the ink particles and destroys them. Of course, tattoos cannot be removed in one session, and depending on each person’s size, ink color, and skin type, they need several sessions.

Eyebrows Fibrous


In eyebrow fibrosis, your eyebrow can be designed to resemble a strand of hair, so it cannot be identified as a tattoo.

Eyebrow Microblading


Microblading is one of the methods of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, in which the empty and incomplete areas of the eyebrows are filled by implanting color into the skin. Such eyebrows look beautiful and natural.


Due to their unique ability to break up fat masses, fat cavitation devices are very good at reducing fat and obesity in different parts of the body. Cellulite and extra fat can be removed from all parts of the body with these devices. This service is also used to get stronger in the stomach, legs, arms, and other places.

Slimcare is the name of the system for building muscles that is based on EMT technology . It’s like doing sit-ups without putting too much strain on your body. What is body slimming cavitation? In order to get rid of fat, you may use hi-tech equipment for fat cavitation that doesn’t hurt. Similar to intense […]

1 session (Abs & Legs)

1500 TL

1 session (Abs & Glutes)

1500 TL

1 session (Legs & Glutes)

1500 TL

1 Session (One Part of Body)

1000 TL

1 Session (Full Body)

2500 TL
G5 Cellulite Massage
The G5 massage is administered using a specialized rhythmic massage device. G5 is used for cellulite treatment and targeted slimming; it also removes muscular lactic acid and spasm. What is body slimming cavitation? You can utilize non-painful fat cavitation equipment that is designed for professionals. For intense physical activity, these devices offer a number of […]

1 Sessions (Full Body)

2500 TL

1 Sessions (One Part of Body)

1000 TL


Our luxurious device is perfect for preparing your skin for summer. Modern indoor tanning equipment aids in vitamin D production and melanin activation. Our equipment guarantees flawless and radiant results thanks to lamps that emit radiation that is similar to that of the sun.


Per Minutes 20TL

The greatest form of natural sun protection is tanning, which is brought on by repeated UV exposure. It’s recommended for both beginners and those looking to deepen their tans.