Slimming Services

Due to their unique ability to break up fat masses, fat cavitation devices are very good at reducing fat and obesity in different parts of the body. Cellulite and extra fat can be removed from all parts of the body with these devices. This service is also used to get stronger in the stomach, legs, arms, and other places.

Price List


1 session (Abs & Legs)

1500 TL

1 session (Abs & Glutes)

1500 TL

1 session (Legs & Glutes)

1500 TL

1 Session (One Part of Body)

1000 TL

1 Session (Full Body)

2500 TL
G5 Cellulite Massage

1 Sessions (Full Body)

2500 TL

1 Sessions (One Part of Body)

1000 TL

Get slim, get fit, and look absolutely gorgeous in that designer dress that you’ve gotten for yourself!

Heli Beauty uses the newest and most effective techniques and devices to give you a well-defined, slimmer body. You will surely fall in love with Heli Beauty after getting these slimming services.

These fat-reducing procedures are highly efficient, effective, and totally painless. The added advantage of getting your slimming service is that it is a quick process if you just need some toning for your body.

It is also priced very reasonably and the results are just baffling! You can get a beach bod in just a few sessions.

Slimming Services In Istanbul At Heli Beauty

Istanbul is full of ground-breaking discoveries in technology related to your beauty enhancements.

Heli Beauty just happens to house the latest tools to provide you with the most awaited and popular one- slimming services.

Obesity can become a reason behind many serious diseases like cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and whatnot.

Slimming services prevent that from happening and help keep you healthy, fit & in proper shape.

You can get your waist slim, your hips, your stomach, thighs, and whatever else you want. They have the latest fat cavitation machines that are great for supporting & shaping muscles.

Treat yourself to a stunning figure & book yourself a consultation with their experts. They will guide you through the whole process so that you know what you’re getting into.

Heli Beauty currently offers two kinds of slimming services. Find an elaboration of each right below!


Slim Care is a fancy name for a system that helps in building up and shaping your muscles. Based on EMT, this system works as if you’re doing sit-ups but without putting that extra strain on your body.

You could say that this device or system gives you weight loss as if you’ve done 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes. This is how impressive the latest technology can be!

This procedure burns excess fat and works to define and shape your muscles. Heli Beauty is one of the top bars to offer high-tech cosmetic medical procedures at reasonable prices.

Yes, Slim Care is different from other slimming therapies but it is so much better. It uses intense EMT techniques to build strong muscles that one couldn’t otherwise do.

This procedure ensures that your muscles don’t loosen up over time and stay firm. Along with that, it quickly burns fat to give you effective and efficient results.

Now you can achieve a more defined, slimmer, and muscular look with this high-intensity treatment. After all, Heli Beauty only charges 700 TL for one session and a whole package of 10 sessions will cost you 4500 TL.

Given that this is the newest technique for slimming therapy, these price points are amazingly low!

1 Session

Each session of this high-intensity therapy lasts around 30 minutes and burns enough calories equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups.

If you are not excessively obese and are just looking to burn that tiny bit of extra fat, 1 session is enough for you.

Heli Beauty’s latest equipment will help you reduce that fat and build up strong muscles to get a better, more stunning body.

Just one session of this procedure is more than enough and way better than regular workouts.

10 Sessions

You can also opt for 10 sessions of this treatment if the experts at Heli Beauty prescribe you to.

They would do a proper consultation and examination and then suggest you the best course of action.

So if your body needs more than 1 session of this therapy, you should go for it. Because at 4500 TL, it is worth every penny!

G5 Cellulite Massage

This massage therapy is done through a unique, specialized machine to give you a slimmer and leaner body.

The G5 massage is used for cellulite treatment & targeted slimming. Heli Beauty houses the most advanced device to give you a therapeutic massage that would get rid of muscular lactic acid & spasms.

This device gives you a rhythmic massage and is 10x stronger than regular manual massages you get at spas.

Say goodbye to extra body fat, sagging skin, and uneven figure because this therapy is your ticket to a slim & beautiful body!

Get all set to hit the beach in your well-toned, perfectly shaped beach body when you book yourself an appointment with the specialists at Heli Beauty.

Not only will you get an extremely effective and therapeutic massage but also a lavish treatment to relieve all your stress.

Benefits Of G5 Cellulite Massage

The G5 cellulite massage works by reducing excessive physical strain on your body and getting rid of cellulite quickly. It is also one of the best and most efficient ways to tighten your skin & give it a youthful and beautiful look.

Other than slimming, there are other countless benefits of getting the G5 cellulite massage. The G5 massage therapy at Heli Beauty alleviates tension and regenerates your skin for a more fresh and rejuvenated look & feel.

Say hello to enhanced muscle mobility and better metabolism and kiss goodbye to all your bone problems with this game-changing treatment!

Heli Beauty makes sure that you are in the best of hands and are fully satisfied with the results. That is why they have highly trained professionals to give you a satisfactory massage.

Get super elastic skin and a leaner body with this effective and quick treatment at Heli Beauty for only 1200 TL (for 6 sessions).

This price point is super reasonable given the advanced tech they’re using to give you the treatment in the best way possible.

These are just a few of the reasons why Heli Beauty is the most luxurious place to get your slimming services in Istanbul.

6 Sessions

Heli Beauty offers you choices in the number of sessions for your G5 Cellulite Massage Therapy.

If you feel like you don’t need excessive fat burning, your bones are doing fine, and your muscles are tight enough, then you can go for 6 sessions.

The experts at Heli Beauty will examine your body to devise the most suitable plan for your treatment. It is advised that you follow that plan to get the best results.

12 Sessions

12 sessions cost 2000 TL, which is a subsidized rate. Instead of 2400 TL, Heli Beauty offers you a generous discount so that you can get the best out of their services.

12 sessions of this massage therapy will get you ultra fit and slim and will enhance your bone strength and your muscles’ mobility pretty quickly.

These sessions are super effective and truly magical in giving you the body of your dreams. And at 2000 TL, it is a steal! You get the absolute value for your money at Heli Beauty, so get slim with them now!

Why Choose Heli Beauty For Slimming Services In Istanbul

Heli Beauty offers you the best and most qualified professionals that properly examine you. They analyze what kind of procedure your body needs and work on your plan exclusively.

Heli Beauty makes sure that its clients are totally satisfied with the services because that’s what matters the most to them.

You will find some of the latest equipment and technology at Heli Beauty for your slimming services! The non-invasive techniques have made losing weight super easy for you.

You will find top-quality machines, devices, and professionals at Heli Beauty, and that too, at super affordable prices. That’s as good as someone can get at getting you slimmer!

These few factors and the fact that you feel like an absolute queen/king at Heli Beauty make it the top place to get slimming services in Istanbul.

You won’t regret choosing Heli Beauty for your slimming services, and that’s a promise!