Are you interested in semi-permanent cosmetics? When you begin your beauty journey with Heli Beauty, we will help you alter your current routine and enhance your natural features.

Eyelash Lift

It is a method in which the eyelashes look strengthened, voluminous, bold and full. In the eyelash laminate mineral and tonic materials are used to strengthen eyelashes and eyelashes acquire their own naturally beauty.

800 TL

Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift with organic keratin materials without injection, surgery and implantation is the most natural and least expensive way to change the eyebrow model, especially for those who have untidy or drooping eyebrows.

800 TL


An eyelash tattoo is similar to an eyeliner tattoo, but it is much more subtle and does not change the shape of the eye. To do an eyelash tattoo, a special dye or ink is injected between the eyelashes and into the skin tissue. After the tattoo, the eyelashes will look fuller and blacker.

2000 TL

Permanent Lipstick

Lips are enhanced by permanent lipstick tattoos. This treatment may improve lip size, shape, and color. Permanent lipstick is gaining popularity as a safe and long-lasting alternative to lip enhancement.

3000 TL

Tattoo Removal

Lasers can remove unwanted tattoos without causing pain. The heat from the laser breaks down ink particles, which the body eliminates. Laser tattoo removal can be done safely and effectively.

1500 TL

Magical Eyebrows

Magical is a synonym for magic, which is why this method is named Magical. It is entirely natural, hides any brow flaws, and multiplies the beauty of your face.

2800 TL

Bold Eyebrows

This technique, which we refer to as the fluffy method, produces incredibly soft, attractive, and natural-looking lines that are covered in tiny hairs.

2800 TL

Eyebrows Fibrous

We advise eyebrow fibrosis if you want to improve the naturalness and beauty of your brows.

3000 TL

Eyebrow Microblading

A clever idea using new technology to make the brows fuller.

2800 TL

Microblading Services

Microblading is a process that gives you a semi-permanent cosmetic look. Get darker eyebrows & lips and much more at Heli Beauty- the right place to get your microblading services in Istanbul.

Enhance your natural facial features with the latest microblading techniques. Heli Beauty houses some of the country’s best beauty specialists to give you a luxurious treatment.

Heli Beauty is one of the most prestigious places to get your microblading services in Istanbul. Not because of their vast catalog, but because of their great prices & service!

You can get a dipliner, an eyelash life, an eyebrow life, and so much more at Heli Beauty with their advanced tools & techniques.

Make your facial features perfectly balanced with this technique and flaunt your plump lips, long, curly eyelashes, and defined eyebrows!

Microblading Services In Istanbul At Heli Beauty

Kick off your beauty journey with Heli Beauty as you book your appointment for microblading! There’s nothing better than getting semi-permanent makeup, especially if you’re a socialite.

These top-notch microblading services will get you on top of your fashion game and you’ll always be looking extra fresh and stylish!

Eyelash Lift

Add volume to your eyelashes and make them look denser and longer than ever before! Now enjoy long & lustrous lashes because Heli Beauty offers eyelash lifts at a super affordable price!

This eyelash lift procedure strengthens your natural eyelashes and makes them appear fuller and bolder than ever.

Long and strong eyelashes are a secret ingredient in achieving a flawless look, don’t you agree? Say goodbye to the hassle of sticking false lashes because your natural eyelashes will look even better!

Whether you choose to go for a simple and elegant look or a bold and sultry one, your lashes would look beautiful! You can add some mascara to add some more density too!

Heli Beauty uses unmatchable, mineral-rich products to give your eyelashes added strength and volume. The trained professionals lift your eyelashes with utmost care and give you the look you want!

Now, you can get long and gorgeous eyelashes for only 800 TL at Heli Beauty- the best salon for microblading services in Istanbul.

Eyebrow Lift

Drooping eyebrows? That’s okay because you can lift them with this amazing procedure!

You will get unmatchable results when you get your eyebrow lift from Heli Beauty because they only use the best products. Their products are rich in nutrients like Keratin, and essential minerals for strength.

And don’t worry if you’re scared of needles and knives, because this procedure is done without any surgery or poking needles in your eyebrows!

This procedure will give your eyebrows a newer shape, a more defined look, and a deeper color. This will change your whole look and give you a much-needed fresh start!

Incredibly easy, natural, and least expensive, Heli Beauty has the best experts who perform this procedure on you.

Say goodbye to bushy and untidy eyebrows and hello to well-defined, beautiful eyebrows!

You get a complete diva treatment at Heli Beauty, and only for 800 TL, and is definitely worth all the money!


Just like an eyeliner tattoo, dipliner is supposed to give you fuller and darker eyelashes. Another word for this procedure is “eyelash tattoo”.

This procedure gives your eyelashes a semi-permanent tint to make them appear more voluminous and strong.

Its results are pretty subtle and there is no prominent change in the shape of your eyes. It is a bit like an eyelash lift but instead of making them longer, it just adds extra color to them.

Heli Beauty uses advanced tools and techniques to give your eyelashes the color boost they need. It will surely make you look more fresh and beautiful.

Heli Beauty uses a unique, high-quality dye/ink to inject in between your eyelashes. This ink seeps into your skin and gives a permanent color boost to your lashes.

This is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get fuller and bolder eyelashes. You get a complete treatment in 2000 TL, after which you can confidently flaunt your natural, fluttery eyelashes with your makeup!

Permanent Lipstick

You must’ve heard of eyebrow and eyelash tattoos, but since the world is evolving so quickly, new techniques and procedures keep surfacing.

Permanent lipstick procedure is basically just a fancy name for a lip tattoo. It injects color into your lips and gives them a subtle tint to make them look fresh and plump.

Heli Beauty offers this lip enhancement procedure with the latest tools and highly trained professionals. They work day and night on the latest research and give their clients the best results possible.

You can get this treatment to change your lip shape, color, or size as per your desires. This procedure is rapidly replacing the conventional lip enhancement procedure because it is safe, quick, and long-lasting!

You can now enjoy fuller, more well-defined, and more stunning lips for 3000 TL at Heli Beauty- the perfect seller of microblading services in Istanbul.

Tattoo Removal

Did you also get a tattoo in the heat of the moment and now regret it? Or do you want to erase a painful memory attached to your tattoo?

Heli Beauty has got you covered with their tattoo removal services. The trained technicians at Heli Beauty use the latest laser equipment to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

This procedure is done pretty quickly and is super safe. If you’re scared of the pain, don’t be, because this process is completely painless.

It does so by breaking down the ink particles into your skin through the heat that dissolves in the body. This is a really cool way to eliminate any bad memories or past.

Heli Beauty’s latest technology and tools ensure that your process goes smoothly and effectively and that you’re satisfied to the full.

This procedure would only cost you 1500 TL, and will effectively work wonders!

Magical Eyebrows

This procedure is a magic spell for your eyebrows. As the name suggests, the artists and techs at Heli Beauty work their magic to get rid of any flaws in your brows.

Any discrepancies, unwanted hair, uneven shape, or color can magically disappear with this process, giving you a beautiful, flawless face.

It keeps your face looking natural and is an entirely safe process to go through. Priced at only 2800 TL, this process is one of the most popular ones at Heli Beauty!

Bold Eyebrows

As the techs at Heli Beauty call the fluffy method, this procedure gives you light, fluffy, natural-looking eyebrows.

If you want a natural yet bold and beautiful look, this procedure is the best thing you can treat yourself to.

Heli Beauty uses the newest technology and tools to give you long-lasting and beautiful results, soft and fluffy lines that are covered by tiny, dense hairs.

This process is definitely a game-changer for those who have very light and less visible eyebrows. It costs you 2800 TL but is definitely worth every penny!

Eyebrows Fibrous

If you want to go for a natural yet beautiful look for your eyebrows, then this procedure is for you.

The trained techs examine your eyebrows and suggest you suitable procedures to enhance them. This is for those who want to get a fuller look but with a natural element in it.

Eyebrow fibrosis is a fancy word for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. So if you’ve gotten tired of putting on brow pomade every other day, this procedure will reduce your hassle by a lot.

Heli Beauty uses the finest disposable needles to add color to your eyebrows. After getting this process done, you’ll get beautifully shaped and shaded natural eyebrows!

This service would cost you 3000 TL and will be everything that you’d have expected!

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is a kind of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. It injects pigment into your skin tissue through tiny, microneedles.

This is a perfect procedure to give flawless eyebrows to those who have little or no eyebrows. The end results look incredibly stunning and completely natural.

This subtle addition of ink to your eyebrows will get you looking as stylish as ever. Heli Beauty houses some of the most talented, creative, and highly trained professionals for this procedure. They use the latest technology to give you fabulous brows in a matter of time.

The microneedles used in this process at Heli Beauty are of the highest standard because quality is what matters the most there.

Say goodbye to light eyebrows and welcome your new, fuller, and bolder eyebrows for only 2800 TL at Heli Beauty!