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Lashes has the power to enhance your eyes, highlight your makeup, and shape your face. Our skilled eyelash experts could craft any lashes that you request.

Premium Materials, Precision Techniques

We exclusively employ the finest materials and techniques in our eyelash extension services, ensuring a luxurious and transformative experience for each client.

Comfortable Environment

From the moment you step in, you'll feel relaxed in our cozy, modern space.

Red Carpet Ready!

Take a look at our services for Eyelashes and Eyebrows.

  • Eyelash Lift

    Indulge in our Eyelash Lift procedure to reveal strengthened, voluminous, bold, and thick lashes. Using minerals and tonics, your lashes are revitalized, regaining their natural and enchanting beauty.

    800 TL
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  • Cat eye shape extension

    Elevate your eyes with the Cat Eye eyelash extension, featuring shorter extensions on the inner corner, gradually lengthening towards the outer corner, creating a captivating gaze.

    1000 TL
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  • Spiky Eyelash

    The Spiky eyelash extension artfully balances volume and length, complementing your eye type with varying lash lengths for a harmonious and striking result.

    1000 TL
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  • Super Volume Eyelashes

    Experience fuller and more voluminous lashes with our Super Volume eyelash extension, where 2 to 9 strands are artfully placed on a single lash, creating a glamorous and dramatic effect.

    1400 TL
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  • Volume Eyelashes

    For a touch of multidimensional allure, opt for our Valium eyelashes, featuring 2 to 5 strands on each lash, adding both volume and length for a captivating look.

    1200 TL
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  • Classic Eyelashes

    Embrace a subtly enhanced look with our Classic eyelash services, as one artificial eyelash is applied to each natural lash, granting them a slightly fuller and longer appearance while maintaining a genuine vibe.

    1000 TL
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Will it be itchy? How should I take care of it? How to sleep with it? Which one is better for my face? If you have similar questions and are curious to know more, click to read the FAQ.

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What our customers say about us

Zahra Ebadi

Absolutely in love with my eyelash extensions! They look so natural and enhance my eyes beautifully.

Sahar Jahanbakhsh

The process was relaxing and the result is stunning. I get so many compliments on my lashes every day.

Aylin Demir

First time getting lash extensions, and I'm hooked! They're comfortable and make my routine so much easier.

Yulia Sokolova

Had my lashes done for a special event. They lasted perfectly and made a huge difference in my overall look.

Nadia Al-Mansouri

Lash extensions were the best beauty decision! They’re easy to maintain and give a wonderful, polished appearance.

Elif Kaya

Great experience – friendly service and top-notch results. I'm amazed at how gorgeous my lashes look!

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The proper eyelash extension can glow your face, even without makeup. You get to become different, and still not change at all. Now, are you ready to try?

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