Solarium Services

Our luxurious device is perfect for preparing your skin for summer. Modern indoor tanning equipment aids in vitamin D production and melanin activation. Our equipment guarantees flawless and radiant results thanks to lamps that emit radiation that is similar to that of the sun.

Price List

Solar (50 Minutes)

The greatest form of natural sun protection is tanning, which is brought on by repeated UV exposure. It’s recommended for both beginners and those looking to deepen their tans.


Solar (100 Minutes)

The greatest form of natural sun protection is tanning, which is brought on by repeated UV exposure. It’s recommended for both beginners and those looking to deepen their tans.


Looking for a cool tan to ready up for summer? Heli Beauty offers the best solarium services in Istanbul, just for that!

Everybody wants perfectly tanned skin in summer but is it really worth sitting out in the sun for hours, just for a darker skin tone?

Heli Beauty in Istanbul offers you a luxurious experience of indoor tanning with their highly trained experts and advanced technology.

Cosmetic tech has been advancing so quickly and Heli Beauty is always ahead in pursuing the best & latest technologies when it comes to beauty services.

Solarium or tanning services are just one example of the cosmetic industry’s groundbreaking advancements.

Get yourself summer ready with this astounding technique at Heli Beauty and enjoy a soothing tanning experience!

Solarium Services In Istanbul At Heli Beauty

Heli Beauty has a flawless setup to give you the best indoor tan of your life. Book your appointment online easily, and get a stunning tan within your comfort zone!

This modern technique works by boosting your Vitamin D production and giving you a slightly darker, tanned skin tone.

The best part about getting this service from Heli Beauty is that the professionals guide you through the whole process thoroughly and ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the results.

The highly advanced devices at Heli Beauty also activate your melanin production which helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Skin protection is the utmost priority, of course. If your skin is exposed to UV rays and other free radicals, it will age quickly and will look dull and washed out.

Having beautiful, flawless skin is everyone’s dream and this kind of tanning ensures that you have it.

Heli Beauty uses high-tech lamps that emit radiation similar to the sun, giving you a similar experience as natural tanning.

Welcome your newly tanned, fresh, radiant, and gorgeous skin when you choose Heli Beauty for your Solarium services in Istanbul!

The top-quality and prestigious equipment at Heli Beauty makes it one of the best places to get your Solarium services.

It is also pretty affordable, costing you only 15 TL per minute.

Just lie down and relax as the solarium lamps shine the rays on your body to give you the perfect tanning experience of your life!

How Long Should You Stay In The Solarium?

The best way to start off with Solarium for the first time is to get it for a short duration. An ideal duration is 3 to 5 minutes in the beginning. However, the technicians at Heli Beauty will suggest you the best course of action depending on your skin tone.

You can, however, increase the time duration in your later sessions once your body gets used to the radiation.

After you’ve got it 2-3 times, you can increase the time duration up to 20 minutes to get the desired skin tone.

Benefits Of Solarium Services Over Natural Tanning

Direct exposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin. However, with solarium, the radiation that your skin absorbs is regulated and controlled. This prevents any damage to your skin that exposure to sun or free radicals can cause.

The highly qualified professionals at Heli Beauty ensure that the device is set to the appropriate radiation levels. This ensures the protection of your skin and keeps it feeling soft and fresh.

Tanning beds like Solarium also give your skin a radiant and glowing look. The color change is something that looks absolutely stunning and makes you feel confident too!

So if you’re tired of your white, pale skin, then this treatment is exactly for you!

Another benefit of this treatment is the fact that it is so quick! Tanning under the sun can be overwhelming sometimes. Because you’re exposed to harmful substances in the atmosphere and it takes too much time to get the desired shade!

At Heli Beauty, the innovative solarium device ensures to give you a relaxing time and is the perfect match for your desired skin tone!

Benefits Of Solarium For Your Health

Other than the fact that Solarium services are quick and easy, they have numerous health benefits too!

You can get this super popular tanning service to boost your melanin production. That helps your skin to stay active and prevent any damage from UV rays.

The radiation that the solarium emits is also beneficial for your bones, muscle, & joints. If you’ve been facing any pain in your bones or muscles lately, this is the thing for you. Kill two birds with one stone when you book yourself a solarium appointment at Heli Beauty.

An added advantage of opting for solarium is improved blood circulation. The heat that your body absorbs while in the tanning bed improves the blood flow in your body. It regulates the temperature of your body & hence your skin ends up looking plumper!

The blood flow improves because it dilates the blood vessels through the heat, giving your blood a faster & easier pathway.

Other than that, it is also great for boosting Vitamin D production. If you’re deficient in that, Solarium might just be the best thing you do for yourself.

Last but not the least, getting yourself tanned through solarium uplifts your mood to a great extent. It boosts the endorphins and hence brings you immense relaxation and happiness.

Get your solarium service from Heli Beauty and feel as energetic as ever as the heat boosts up the production of endorphins in your body!

So, whenever you’re feeling a bit down and feel like just soaking in some sun, it’s better to get yourself tucked in a tanning bed at Heli Beauty and get some princess treatment.

Enjoy beautiful, plump, and tanned skin within a matter of minutes, and flaunt that perfect beach body this summer!

What Makes Heli Beauty Stand Out

Heli Beauty is a one-of-a-kind spa and salon in Istanbul that is perfect for a luxurious treatment.

Heli Beauty is your one-stop solution for all your beauty needs. Offering only the most prestigious and highly qualified professionals, you can get a full makeover at Heli Beauty.

It focuses on providing its clients with exceptional services at reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy royal treatment every once in a while.

Heli Beauty houses only the latest, most advanced cosmetic technology and devices to give you top-quality cosmetic services.

The relaxing and soothing experience at Heli Beauty is what makes it stand out among other salons and spas.

Istanbul definitely has many great tanning salons, but Heli Beauty stays at the top because of its calming ambiance and modern tech.

They also have only the best professionals from all over the country to give you highly satisfactory services.

Apart from solarium services, Heli Beauty also offers makeup services, microblading services, slimming services, nail art services, and many more to make you even more beautiful than ever!

The competitive prices, high-tech devices, and cooperative professionals are some of the unique selling points of Heli Beauty. In short, Heli Beauty offers you the most luxurious and prestigious cosmetic procedures and services in Istanbul.

Give yourself a break and treat yourself to some indoor tanning at Heli Beauty- everybody’s favorite place for solarium services in Istanbul.