Nail Art

Beautiful nails are necessary for having beautiful hands. People who frequently bite their nails and those with weak, fragile nails are particularly good candidates for nail art.

VIP Pedicure

This procedure uses paraffin and detoxifying salts on the foot. Detoxifying salt removes impurities, lime, and dust, calming the body. Paraffin therapy relieves joint pain and strengthens the skin.

1000 TL

Normal Pedicure

This technique helps to protect and care for the skin on the feet by utilizing special foot masks and cocktails.

500 TL

Polishing Gel Art

In this method, nail lengthening is not possible, it is only a surface cover that is not very resistant and usually lasts for a week.

300 TL

Gelix Nail Art

It’s one of the latest nail art approaches that may save time by eliminating components, filling, and shaping. Heli Beauty introduces this technique.

1000 TL

Laminate Nail Art

This method is for strengthening and volumizing the nail. In this method, it is not possible to lengthen the nail.

500 TL

Baby Boomer Nail Design

It is one of the simple nail design methods in which two colors are used. This method can be done with a variety of powders and gels.

1500 TL

Journal Nail Design

It is a subset of make-up, in which the nails are very tall and the nail shape is different.

2000 TL

Make-up Nail Design

It is one of the most popular and modern nail arts that requires special skills.

1500 TL

Gel Nails Art

It is a unique nail art technique that protects the nail shell from impact due to its flexibility and lack of skin sensitivity. Today’s most popular nail art is gel.

1000 TL

Acrylic Nails Art

Mixing powdered polymer and liquid monomer creates a paste that is bonded to the natural nail to make acrylic nails. Shaping and solidifying the material creates a strong, long, and thick nail.

1000 TL

Nail Art Services

Stop whatever you’re doing and treat yourself to a stunning mani & pedi. Heli Beauty offers the most amazing nail art services in Istanbul, and that is a fact.

Getting your nails done has got to be the best kind of therapy out there. It is immensely relaxing and gives you the queen vibes like nothing else!

If you’re also beauty-conscious, then you must love getting manis and pedis. Not only do they relieve stress, but they also look incredibly cute and sassy!

Become a fashion icon with these amazing nail art services that Heli Beauty offers.

Nail Art At Heli Beauty

Say goodbye to chipped or weak nails because Heli Beauty is here to give them a stylish makeover at super cheap rates!

Don’t worry, the quality of the products and your experience will remain top-notch because Heli Beauty cares about its customers!

Have a look at this versatile catalog and choose your favorite nail art service!

Polishing Gel Art

Starting off with the basic, polishing gel art is a regular coat of basic gel polish. It does not include any false lengthening of your nails, but just a polish to give your nails a sleek look.

This nail service is best for those who prefer keeping their nails short but healthy. Usually, people who do a lot of work like gardening, cooking, doing dishes, etc. are prone to chipped nails. Therefore, it is advised that they shouldn’t spend money on getting longer nails.

This kind of nail art just gives a shiny and smooth look to the surface of your nails and lasts about a week or so.

The good thing is, you can get sleek and shiny nails for just 300 TL at Heli Beauty. Your whole experience even with this simple manicure is going to be amazing at Heli Beauty. Not only because of their highly talented nail techs but also because of the super comforting ambiance.

Normal Pedicure

The second on the list is the Normal Pedicure. This nail service is supposed to give you and your feet royal treatment to give you the utmost relaxation.

Say goodbye to dry and calloused feet because the nail techs at Heli Beauty will give your feet a gorgeous makeover.

This pedicure will give your feet extra protection and will make them feel super soft and fresh.

Heli Beauty uses high-quality foot masks to treat the different problems each client has and give them ever-glowing feet.

Soak your feet in the soothing foot masks, just sit back and relax. Let Heli Beauty’s personnel work their magic!

It only costs 500 TL to treat yourself to this soothing pedi.

Laminate Nail Art

This kind of manicure is typically done to add strength and volume to your nails. It works by adding a lamination on top of your nails’ surface to achieve a deeper, denser look.

Although it is impossible to add length to your nails in this process, you can get classy, shiny, and beautiful nails for just 500 TL.

The simplest things are the best ones and that is why Laminate nail art is one of the most popular nail services at Heli Beauty.

VIP Pedicure

Soak your feet in a bath of detoxifying salts and paraffin and feel the stress leaving your body in a matter of minutes!

This pedicure is your ticket to achieving ultimate relaxed mode because it gives your feet a soft feel. Get rid of hard and calloused feet with top-quality salts.

These detoxifying salts work on removing any dirt, impurities, dust, and dryness so that you can enjoy clean, smooth, and soft feet.

It relaxes and soothes your skin. Paraffin therapy on the other hand calms down any joint pain and gives extra strength to your skin.

Paraffin helps to prevent any foot infections and keeps your skin feeling smooth and supple.

A bonus is that you get all of this treatment for only 1000 TL!

This paired with the amazing customer service gets Heli Beauty at the top of places to get your nail art services in Istanbul.

Gelix Nail Art

Are you looking for nail extensions that are not too harsh on your natural nails?

Well, look no further because Gelix nail art is just the thing for you! It is one of the most trendy techniques out there these days.

Heli Beauty uses highly durable and soft gel to give you semi-permanent nail extensions. This manicure is great to get right before a series of important events.

You can get different creative designs on top of your Gelix nails as per your taste and flaunt them confidently.

Much like gel nails, these nails are made from a blend of acrylic oligomers and monomers and are super flexible. So, if you hate that plasticky feel, these nails are perfect for you.

With only 1000 TL, you can get high-quality nail extensions in a reduced timeframe!

Gel Nails Art

Gel nails are perfect for those who have super sensitive skin, especially around the nails. These are semi-permanent false nails made out of gel, as suggested by the name.

You get a layer of gel polish on top of your nail plate which is then expanded to give you the desired shape and length.

It is a great way to add length to your natural nails. It also keeps your natural nails safe from dust and bacteria, keeping them healthy.

Heli Beauty has nail techs that curate perfect gel nails with their steady hands and applaudable talent.

Super trendy, this nail art only costs you 1000 TL!

That being said, it is safe to say, Heli Beauty is the most prestigious place to get nail art services in Istanbul.

Acrylic Nails Art

This nail art uses powdered nail polish. The powdered polymer is mixed with a liquid monomer to create a gel-like substance. This is then placed on your nail plate and sculpted with a brush.

Acrylic nails are Heli Beauty’s specialty. The nail techs at Heli Beauty try their best to give your nails a stunning makeover to make them look sleek and chic!

Like gel nails, it is also placed on your natural nails, sculpted, and then put under a UV light to cure. This gives your nails a gorgeous look, in the color of your choice, of course.

This amazing nail art only costs 1000 TL but Heli Beauty makes it worth every penny!

Makeup Nail Design

Makeup nails require special skills, especially if you don’t want a messy design on your nails glaring back at you.

Heli Beauty houses some of the most crafty, creative, and talented artists who will give you beautiful designs on your nails.

This modern nail art is all the rage these days, so head to Heli Beauty to get yours done at a very reasonable price! You can get any design you want or just blindly trust your nail tech to surprise you!

Baby Boomer Nail Design

If you want to go for a simple design, then this baby boomer nail design is the right choice for you!

It blends in two colors of your choice to give you simple yet beautiful nail art.

You can choose any method you want- gel or acrylic. This nail art is one of the easiest and most classy ones, so if you’re looking for basic, cute nail art for casual wear, this is the one!

In only 1500 TL, you get the liberty to choose your favorite design, color scheme, and method and enjoy a relaxing manicure!

Journal Nail Design

This kind of nail art gives you longer nails with a different nail shape for a more modern and sleek look.

It falls under the category of makeup nail design and if your nails are in need of some real makeover for an event, this is the right way to go!

This manicure makes your nails appear fuller, stronger, longer, and more defined. By getting this nail art done, you can add any designs and decals to enhance the look of your nails too!

In only 2000 TL, you get a top-notch manicure by highly esteemed and creative nail artists. What else would anyone want, right?

This is just one of the reasons why Heli Beauty is the best place to get your nail services in Istanbul.

Why Choose Heli Beauty For Your Nail Art Services

Nail art, as the name suggests, is an art; not everybody can do a great job with it. As much as it costs, you wouldn’t wanna get your manicure messed up by a mediocre artist.

Heli Beauty houses some of the most talented, creative, and passionate nail technicians and artists that carefully curate breathtaking designs on your nails.

With Heli Beauty, you can forget about all the worries in the world and just sit back in your chair and relax. The utmost priority at Heli Beauty is their customers’ satisfaction. That is what makes them stand out in the crowd.

Not just that, you get some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind nail styles at Heli Beauty. Their vast design and color catalog ensures you get exactly what you want.

In short, Heli Beauty offers you the best value for your money, the best comfort, and the best nail art services in Istanbul.