Makeup Services

Our cosmetic service package offers a range of expertly crafted methods provided by our talented professionals, all designed to enhance your natural beauty. With the guidance and advice of our skilled makeup artists, you can select the perfect makeup techniques and high-quality products that best suit your taste.

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Bride Makeup

Heli Beauty’s bridal makeup is done according to the face shape, bride’s dress, and skin type. Makeup products with high durability are chosen to ensure the best results.


Night Makeup

Night makeup is applied according to your face shape and is darker and more complete than daytime makeup. It includes contouring and permanent eyelash extensions. Perfect for special occasions or a night out on the town.

From 2200TL

Eye Makeup

Enhance your eyes with the eye makeup technique, which features eyeliner, artificial eyelashes, and eye shadow. This practical and economical option allows you to quickly get ready and customize the rest of your makeup as desired.


Daily Light Makeup

Adore the grace of uncomplicated beauty with everyday light makeup! Many people like to wear light makeup every day since it’s an easy and natural way to draw attention to their greatest qualities.Table of ContentsDo you need daily light makeup?How does a daily light makeup service work, and what should I prepare for?Who wants to […]

From 1400TL

Are you looking for the perfect salon to do your bridal makeup? Or perhaps, searching for someone who can give you a soft glam look for a more dazzling than ever look for your dinner party. Find the best makeup services in Istanbul at Heli Beauty!

Whichever it is, I can assure you, there is no place better than Heli Beauty for your makeup services!

Istanbul is a hub of talented makeup artists and luxurious salons, but what gives Heli Beauty an edge over the others? Their top-notch products!

You may not find any other place that will give you a stunning look for your evening and make you feel like a queen during the process.

Heli Beauty has a range of high-quality makeup products & services that will leave your jaw dropped!

Along with the extensive makeup line, their staff is ever-so-polite and gives you the princess treatment that you deserve while giving you the look you want exactly the way you want it!

Now that we know Heli Beauty is your best shot at all kinds of makeup services, let’s have a look at their offerings and how you can benefit from them!

Makeup Services By Heli Beauty

It is no secret that Heli Beauty stays at top of the game when it comes to makeup, hair care, skincare, and all other beauty services one may look for.

Heli Beauty has an extensive range of makeup services to fulfill all your needs– bridal makeup, soft makeup, Arabic makeup, fashion makeup– you name it, they have it!

Let’s look at each of them in detail so that you can choose your favorite one from the list and get ready to get the luxurious treatment before your big day!

Bridal Makeup Services

Your wedding day is the biggest and most important day of your life, and you definitely don’t wanna risk messing up your look by choosing the wrong salon or the wrong makeup artist, right?

The makeup team at Heli Beauty ensures that you feel comfortable and satisfied with the look they give you– they use the best quality products for your makeup and new, innovative hairstyles to suit your face structure!

Get ready to receive luxurious treatment at Heli Beauty when you book them for your big day– get exactly the kind of bridal look you want with your favorite hairstyle and flaunt yourself confidently on stage!

Arabic Makeup

Touch on your Arabic roots with the ravishing Arabic makeup services in Istanbul!

Arabic makeup is all about earthy tones, lots of shimmer & glimmer, and bold eyeliners!

Heli Beauty has a vast range of Arabic makeup products that they use to give you the most authentic and exotic Arabic look!

Whether you miss the original Arabic makeup or you’re getting dressed up for a costume, Heli Beauty has just the right team and ideas to give you the most creative yet classy Arabic makeup!

Smokey Makeup

If you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated yet sultry makeup look, this smokey eye makeup is your best bet.

Heli Beauty gives you the best makeup services in Istanbul and offers creative ways to make your eyes look incredibly bold and modern while giving your face a simple yet ravishing look.

Get ready to win the diva crown because this smokey eye makeup by Heli Beauty’s top artists is going to leave everyone in the crowd baffled!

The jaw-dropping blend of dark tones along with a classic base– is just the perfect way to make a grand entry!

Soft Glam Makeup (Light Makeup)

Light makeup is what’s trendy these days and most of you must be looking for makeup services that give you that soft glam look.

At Heli Beauty, the esteemed makeup artists work tirelessly to come up with color blends and creative looks to give their clients to give them a satisfying soft glam look, and I can assure you, you will not regret choosing Heli Beauty for this!

The way the artists sculpt your face and keep the makeup products to a minimum– giving you the most beautiful natural look– will keep you coming back for more!

Wet Makeup

Are you tired of lumpy makeup on your dry skin? Explore the wet makeup services in Istanbul at Heli Beauty that you can’t find anywhere else!

Worry not, because Heli Beauty has an innovative solution to your problem!

Giving you a super hydrated, gorgeous lightweight look, Heli Beauty’s makeup artists put in their best to keep your skin looking fresh and supple.

The high-quality products and their customer service are just added bonuses to add that glow to your face!

This look will give you the most simple, elegant, and fresh look– flawless for a corporate luncheon!

The artists will use dewy foundation and other moisturizing products to prevent your skin from drying out hence, giving you that “wet” look!

Fashion Makeup

Don’t know how to dress up for Halloween this year? Well, book Heli Beauty for your makeup services before they run out of space!

Fashion makeup includes a vast variety of themed makeup looks, perhaps for cosplays, catwalks, fashion shows, Halloween, photoshoots, etc.

You can book Heli Beauty to give you the desired vibe with their top-notch beauty products and highly creative and innovative makeup artists.

They come up with aesthetic and trendy themes and designs for your fashion makeup– and you will not regret choosing Heli Beauty for this!

Classic Style Makeup

The classic-style makeup services include makeup for your eyes and lips.

The highly esteemed artists at Heli Beauty aim to give you a natural yet more defined look for your event– they would give you simple and classy light makeup with bold lips or the other way around– whichever you prefer!

Choose your favorite look from the catalog of many gorgeous products and looks and get ready to be amazed by the talents of Heli Beauty’s makeup artists and stylists!

You can pair up this service with a hairstyle to complete your glamorous look– just the kind you’d want for a work meeting or a tea party!

Beauty Makeup Services

This makeup is designed to give you a well-defined and natural look. In only 800 TL, your face will look a whole lot different than usual.

This makeup is specifically to change the imbalanced appearance of your face– perhaps you have hyperpigmentation or dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles, or any imperfection that may hinder your flawless look.

The artists carefully curate a plan to suit your skin type and work to reduce and fix the imbalances and imperfections on your face.

They use contouring techniques to perfectly sculpt your facial features and give you a naturally beautiful look.

Get ready to flaunt your classy and glowing makeup look at the next event with Heli Beauty’s Beauty Makeup Services!

Bridal Package

This package is an all-in-one kinda deal which is the perfect option for brides who prefer luxury and beauty over price.

Well, even in terms of pricing, this package is a steal because it offers so much in so less money– only 8000 TL! How cool is that?

This package begins a day before the actual big day– giving you the essential pre-wedding services along with the ever-so-gorgeous makeup services and hairstyle on your big day!

Pampering yourself right before your wedding is something that every woman deserves and there is no better place for that than Heli Beauty.

Why? Because it offers you the most relaxing and royal experience along with a beautiful final look.

The package includes a refreshing facial, a hair color change, and a stunning manicure on the first day, followed by a royal treatment the next day– glamorous bridal makeup and proper hair styling.

Why Choose Heli Beauty For Your Makeup Services?

Heli Beauty not only offers a team of passionate and super-talented makeup artists and stylists but it also has a calming and relaxing atmosphere where you can feel relieved from all the stress and enjoy your services.

You will find a team of top-notch stylists and makeup artists at very reasonable prices who will choose the right Heli Beauty products for your skin type & skin tone.

Heli Beauty makeup products are made to suit each skin type which is a great advantage because not every ingredient suits every skin!

People at Heli Beauty take good care of you while providing you with the utmost satisfaction– giving you an incredibly chic and stylish look for your important events!

At Heli Beauty, customers matter and that’s why Heli Beauty provides top-notch services at reasonable prices to suit all kinds of clients.

It also aims to give its customers an amazing and awe-inspiring experience with its work and customer satisfaction!

Avail of the most comfortable and gorgeous makeup services in Istanbul at Heli Beauty now and feel like royalty!