In Heli Beauty, the Soprano Titanium device is used, which is the newest and most advanced laser equipment available. Soprano Titanium’s three wavelengths (Alexandride 755 – Diode 808 – ND YAG 1064) are used to eliminate unwanted hair from the face, chin, back, hands, legs, armpits, and bikini area, among others. According to your skin and hair type, our trained technicians will help you choose the most appropriate procedure.



You can remove as much or as little hair with Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal. Clinically, laser hair removal reduces hair growth.

300 TL


Armpit laser hair removal lasts longer than other hair removal methods since hair follicles are temporarily destroyed during the treatment.

150 TL

Full Legs

The full legs cover both legs from the toes and feet to the top of the thigh beneath the buttocks. The bikini line is not part of the leg.

From 350 TL

Half Legs

Lower leg laser hair removal for women targets the lower half of the legs from just below the knee to the ankle.

From 200 TL

Full Arms

Full-arm hair removal permanently eliminates unwanted hair. It covers both arms below the deltoid to the wrist.

From 200 TL

Half Arms

Half-arm hair removal permanently eliminates hair. Clients may pick from under the deltoid to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist.

From 150 TL

Back (Waist)

Unwanted hair is permanently removed with a waistline hair removal procedure. The region it covers extends four inches up from the spine’s base.

150 TL


The texture and appearance of skin can be improved by back laser hair removal. Your skin’s appearance may look great.

300 TL


Belly laser hair removal works well for women. Lasers can now target almost any combination of skin and hair colors.

200 TL


Women want their chests to be smooth and hair-free, so chest laser hair removal for women can be the best option.

200 TL


Laser hair removal on the face is a noninvasive medical technique that employs lasers to eliminate facial hair.

150 TL

Full Body

Remove hair permanently from different parts of the body, so you don’t have to shave or wax anymore.

From 1500 TL


If you are fed up with a hairy chest and tired of shaving ingrown hairs and razor burns, only laser hair removal can permanently remove chest hair for men.

From 200 TL


It is possible to get rid of back hair if it is causing you discomfort. Laser hair removal is an excellent method for removing hair from men’s backs.

400 TL

Full Leg

The full legs go from the top of the ankle bone to the top of the thigh on both legs. The bikini line is not a part of the lower legs in laser hair removal.

From 300 TL

Half Leg

With half-legs laser hair removal, you can select either the lower or upper legs and benefit from one of our top-of-the-line laser devices.

From 200 TL

Full Arms

Full arms laser hair removal consists of both upper and lower arms from the wrist to below the shoulders to get the best result.

From 250 TL

Upper Arms

The range of treatment for laser hair removal on men’s half arms extends from the elbow to a point just below the shoulders.

150 TL

Back (Neck)

Men’s neck The area on the back of the neck that is treated with laser hair removal extends all the way up to the point where the hair grows out.

100 TL


A laser is used by skin therapists to remove unwanted hair from men’s bellies. This method is extremely effective, long-lasting, and painless.

150 TL


Face laser hair removal in men is used to treat ingrown hairs on the beard and scalp. Also used on other parts of the body.

150 TL


Even men don’t want to see hair in their armpits because they are so visible. By using a laser, you no longer have to worry about irritation or shaving.

From 150 TL

Laser Services

If you want to slow down your hair growth, the laser is the best way to do it. Heli Beauty brings you the most advanced and luxurious laser services in Istanbul.

Unwanted hair can be super annoying, especially when you have a faster growth rate. Weekly waxing and shaving take too much effort! And, to be fair, waxing is pretty painful, and such a no-go for sensitive skin.

Using hair removal creams is painless but they cause a boost in hair growth and bring out thicker hair after every use. Again, it’s a no-go for most women.

That is where Heli Beauty’s laser services step in. Using the most advanced and latest technology, Heli Beauty offers painless and long-lasting hair removal to its clients.

If you have hair growth on your chin, arms, legs, face, hands, back, or on the bikini area, opting for laser treatment may be the best thing you do for yourself.

Heli Beauty houses experts who deal in laser treatments. It also has advanced and prestigious laser equipment to give you the desired results.

At Heli Beauty, your whole experience is personalized. The trained technicians will examine and analyze your skin type and hair type, and advise you with the best suitable procedure.

Laser Services In Istanbul At Heli Beauty!

You will find only the most advanced technology and high-quality laser equipment at Heli Beauty. The professionals work with their skills and give you painless laser treatment to prevent faster hair growth.

You can find these laser services at Heli Beauty at economical rates for both, men & women. That is just one of the reasons why Heli Beauty is the perfect place to get your laser services in Istanbul.

For Women:


Laser hair removal reduces your hair growth and prevents the next hair growth from being too thick. Get your bikini line laser service to get soft and smooth skin without the hassle of waxing there every other week.

It will save you the pain and will keep your skin feeling light and fresh.

Heli Beauty uses trained professionals and highly advanced equipment to perform laser treatments on your skin, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. This process is completely safe and painless.

It is very reasonably priced at only 300 TL. That, paired with its universally advanced laser equipment and cooperative professionals make Heli Beauty the best for laser services in Istanbul.


Get silky smooth legs when you book Heli Beauty for your laser hair removal. Heli Beauty houses the powerful Soprano Titanium- the latest & most advanced in the world of laser equipment.

This device uses three wavelengths to give you hair-free, smooth, and soft skin all over your body! The trained technicians will advise you on each procedure so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

The legs laser service includes two options. The full legs laser hair removal features both of your legs from the feet all the way up to your thighs.

For your information, the Bikini line is not included in the legs service. You can, however, add it to your package!

The other option is half legs which feature the lower half of your legs. It starts from just below your knee and goes to your ankle.

This procedure will reduce the hair growth on your legs by a lot & will slow it down as well. So, say bye-bye to frequent shaving and painful waxing!

At Heli Beauty, the full legs laser hair removal starts from 350 TL and the half legs starts from 200 TL, which is great according to their high-end devices.

Arms & Armpit

Get laser hair removal for your arms and armpit and stay fuss-free all the time! This long-lasting hair removal treatment will leave your skin feeling softer and brighter than ever.

The high-quality laser device is worked by the trained professionals at Heli Beauty to give you the satisfaction of smooth and soft skin.

Get rid of unwanted thick hair and slow down your hair growth with the best laser services in Istanbul at Heli Beauty.

Feel pampered as the technicians work their magic on your skin & permanently remove unwanted hair on your arms.

The full arms hair removal service starts from 200 TL which includes full arms below the deltoid all the way down to your wrist. The half-arms hair removal service on the other hand starts from 150 TL, featuring a choice for the client.

You can choose whichever half of your arm you need to get lasered. You can choose from the deltoid to your elbow or from the elbow to the wrist.

The armpit hair removal service temporarily destroys the hair follicles there and hence, this procedure is pretty long-lasting. The hair’s regrowth is quite slow in this process, and therefore it’s worth every penny!

Costing you only 150 TL, this procedure will leave your armpits feeling fresh, clean, and smooth!

Back & Belly

Heli Beauty is one of the top, most luxurious places to get laser services in Istanbul.

It offers laser hair removal for your back and belly. Let me expand on the back services first.

There are two options when it comes to back hair removal. In the “waist” option, you can get rid of your unwanted hair permanently from your waistline. It covers the area about 4 inches up from your spine’s base.

This procedure costs only 150 TL, which is pretty reasonable for such a high-quality service.

The complete back hair removal costs 300 TL and completely eliminates any unwanted hair from your back.

This procedure will improve your skin’s feel and appearance to a great extent. You would feel the texture of your skin getting smoother and softer after this laser treatment.

Belly hair removal is also a great option at Heli Beauty. Women can get rid of their annoying, extra hair easily with the latest technologies.

These days, almost any skin and hair type and color can be lasered with the right equipment. This will leave your skin looking bright, vibrant, and smooth so that you can flaunt it in your bikini this summer!

This process will only cost you 200 TL and you can get yourself pampered and treated like a princess!


Then there is chest hair removal. A smooth and hair-free chest is a dream for every woman and it can sometimes be a little annoying when women face hair growth on their chest.

Heli Beauty works on making that dream come true. Their latest laser technology eradicates any chest hair and slows down hair growth to a great extent.

For only 200 TL, this procedure is a great option for women to get smooth and soft skin. The exceptional customer service at Heli Beauty paired with affordable prices and top-notch quality makes it a great option for your laser services in Istanbul.


Your face is the most essential body part. It is how people perceive you, and if you have unwanted hair on your face, then this may ruin your chances of leaving an impression.

Heli Beauty offers unmatchable laser hair removal services for your face. Get a smooth, bright, and glowing face with this amazing treatment.

Facial hair removal through laser is a very wise decision because it is less painful than waxing and threading. Also, it uses non-invasive medical techniques to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

You wouldn’t wanna go out looking like a grizzly bear, right? This is why Heli Beauty offers high-quality laser services in a calming atmosphere at super cheap rates!

This facial laser service will only cost you 150 TL and will carefully remove all unnecessary facial hair to bring out a refreshed, beautiful face.

Full Body

The full-body laser service is an all-in-one package, a one-stop solution to all your unwanted hair problems.

It works by permanently removing all unwanted hair from various parts of your body after a full examination.

Now, you can enjoy hair-free, smooth, and soft skin all the time without having to dread the painful waxing and the annoying strawberry legs caused by shaving.

This package starts from 1500 TL, and the trained professionals guide you through the whole process, not leaving any stone unturned so you feel confident and satisfied.

For Men:

Men also get unwanted hair and that’s why Heli Beauty also extends its laser services to men!

Now, get smooth and vibrant skin with these laser services without the hassle of shaving every other week.

The services offered to men are almost similar to those offered to women, except for a few. Check out Heli Beauty’s catalog for men to find the most appropriate service for yourself!