If you're in search of top-notch hair services in Istanbul, then you're in luck because Heli Beauty offers just that! Your hair plays an important role in determining your whole look. If they're not well-managed and perfectly styled, you may end up ruining a perfectly good look. Heli Beauty is by far the most luxurious salon that offers numerous hair services to its esteemed clients. Not only do you get a gorgeous haircut or hairstyle, but also the kinda pampering you deserve!

Hair Braids

In Heli Beauty we do all kinds of hair braids (French, African, fantasy, etc.).

From 1500 TL

Hair Color

The appropriate hair color may give your face a younger, more vibrant appearance.

From 800 TL

Hair Decolorization

Heli Beauty offers a collection of decolorization (including balayage, lowlight, ombre, and sombre).

From 1500 TL


Today, straight, clean, and shiny hair is considered an advantage. The keratin process fills hair cavities with keratin, giving hair a smooth, shining structure and reducing frizz.

From 2000 TL

Hair Extensions

In Heli Beauty, the micro method is used to use and attach natural hair from a person’s head.

From 40 TL

Hair Protein Therapy

Protein treatment is good for dry, damaged hair that has lost its natural condition or is fragile from excessive coloring.

From 1500 TL

Hair Vitamin

If your hair is burned or damaged after coloring and bleaching, use high-quality hair Vitamin components.

From 500 TL


For a clean and perfect chignon, you must brush your hair beforehand. With a little creativity, the hairdresser may create all the chignon models in Heli Beauty.

From 200 TL

Hair Cut

Special haircut styles for men and women (journal, fancy haircut styles) in Heli Beauty.

500 TL

Hair Services

Without further ado, let’s explore the hair services Heli Beauty has to offer. We’ll look at how they are better than other salons too!

Hair Services By Heli Beauty

Starting from gorgeous hair cuts & styles to giving your hair a complete makeover. Heli Beauty is a place where you can find every hair care solution under one roof!

If you’re looking for the best hair services in Istanbul, Heli Beauty is your best bet!

Hair Braids

Hair braids are incredibly stylish and super feminine. It goes without saying that whenever you want a cute hairdo for an important event, a braid is what you’re gonna go for.

Hair braids are a foolproof hairstyle that looks great with all kinds of outfits. But even within that category, you gotta choose the right type of braid to go with your look.

Heli Beauty has top-notch stylists who come up with unique and creative ways to braid your hair. Whether you’re getting one for a wedding or your graduation party, the stylists at Heli Beauty are going to give you their best.

At Heli Beauty, you can get a classic French braid, an African braid, a Waterfall braid, and any other kind of braid that you might have in mind. All you gotta do is show a reference picture to one of the stylists & your work will be done!

If you’re unsure of the kind you want, then leave it to the stylists. They will craft the most gorgeous braid for you to match your face cut and your outfit! That is something that only Heli Beauty offers in Istanbul.

The best part about their hair braids is how reasonable they are. Starting from 1500 TL, you get a complete hairdo in a calm atmosphere and eye-pleasing setting. What else do you want, right?


Hairstyles go a long way to uplift your look. If you have the wrong hairstyle for an event, your whole look is most probably ruined/wasted!

Don’t fret though, because Heli Beauty will be your savior! For a sleek, classy hairdo, all you need to do is to brush your hair and let the stylist take care of the rest!

Heli Beauty only houses the best and most crafty & creative hairstylists to give its clients the best hairstyle as per their requirements. Therefore, know that you’re always in good hands at Heli Beauty!

The stylists use their creative skills to give you the perfect hairstyle for your event, keeping in mind your outfit and face cut. Their work will surely leave your jaw dropped!

So, if you’re looking for a stylish yet cheap hairdo for your wedding, dinner parties, galas, or office luncheons, Heli Beauty is the right place!

Hair Cut

Tired of the same old cut of your hair? Why don’t you mix it up a bit with Heli Beauty’s exceptional haircut services?

Get ready to sit back and let the stylists do their work and give you the best haircut of your life at Heli Beauty only!

Housing only the best tools and the most unique and creative stylists, Heli Beauty offers some high-end hair services and haircuts are one of them!

For those who are looking to get a new haircut, something to give them a different look; they should give Heli Beauty a chance to work its magic.

Heli Beauty not only does haircuts for women, but they also have stylists who give men some super sassy and classy haircuts too.

No matter how fancy or difficult a haircut you want, Heli Beauty’s stylists will do a flawless job, and that too at only 500 TL.

Hair Color Services

Living with the same hair color can get a bit boring, no? That’s why Heli Beauty offers hair coloring services so that you never get bored of them!

Experimenting with different hair colors can be a fun thing to do, especially for a change! You can get any color you want to uplift your look and enhance your facial features!

Heli Beauty’s stylists and colorists would give you exactly the kind of look you’d want at very reasonable prices. Starting from 800 TL, your hair can go through a full makeover to give you a whole new look!

Hair Decolorization Services

Getting rid of your hair color to get something more creative has become the new trend. Heli Beauty would decolorize your hair and give you a new, more beautiful look.

At Heli Beauty, you can get Balayage, Ombre coloring, lowlights, and even Sombre. Get your hair styled in a way that speaks to you the most!

Keratin Treatment

Along with changing the appearance of your hair, Heli Beauty also offers hair treatments.

Keratin treatment is one of them and it gives you stunning, frizz-free hair with ample volume & bounce! If you have split ends, and dead, frizzy, and dull hair, then you should consider getting this treatment.

Treat yourself to straight, sleek, and shiny hair with this amazing treatment & flaunt those locks with utmost confidence!

This treatment fills up your hair cavities with Keratin, a fibrous protein, that gives your hair that lustrous, shiny look!

Now don’t worry about the frizz in your hair because Heli Beauty uses top-notch products for your Keratin treatment.

Another advantage of getting these services from Heli Beauty is that it won’t cost you an arm & a leg. Depending on the length of your hair, Heli Beauty’s charges start from 2000 TL which is pretty reasonable as per the quality of their services.

Hair Protein Therapy

Hair protein therapy is for people who have damaged their hair with frequent coloring. It is also a great solution for dry hair!

Protein therapy gives your hair the strength and silky texture that it needs. It is a great solution to bring back the natural shine and look of your hair to flaunt it confidently.

It also brings extra strength to your hair, especially if they’ve been damaged and are fragile due to excessive coloring.

So, if you’re looking for this therapy or other amazing hair services in Istanbul, Heli Beauty is there for you!

Heli Beauty only uses the best products to give your hair nourishment and a stunning look as a bonus.

This is a great activity for those who need a relaxing break from their tough routines, what with the gorgeous ambiance and cooperative staff.

Starting from only 1500 TL, you can get the princess treatment that you deserve! Thus, you should definitely go for it before an important event to get the best look!

Hair Vitamin

This hair solution is perfect for hair that has been damaged or burned due to bleaching or coloring. This solution gives your hair a soft texture & a gorgeous, jaw-dropping look!

Heli Beauty keeps working to give the best hair services in Istanbul to keep everyone looking their best!

Say goodbye to dry and damaged hair as you sit back and let the Heli Beauty specialists add some high-quality vitamins to your hair!

Hair Extensions

Who says you can’t get the hairdo of your choice if you have short hair? Heli Beauty has some amazing, high-quality hair extensions to give you the look you want!

The stylists use the micro method to attach the hair extension made from all-natural hair to your head. This ensures smooth application and the extension blends in with your natural hair flawlessly.

This is a very easy and quick way to get volume in your hair for a better look. And the best part? These hair extensions start from only 40 TL!