Eyelash Services

Eyelash implantation and extension are popular methods for achieving thicker, darker, and longer lashes. Our skilled technicians delicately attach artificial eyelashes to your natural ones, strand by strand, using semi-permanent glue. When selecting the perfect implant model, our beauty experts consider your eye shape, angle, and personal preferences, ensuring a stunning result tailored just for you.

Price List

Eyelash Extention – Hybrid / Refill

A mix of classic and volume lashes are used to fill empty spaces, creating a natural yet full look

1100 TL

Eyelash Extention – Spike / Refill

Spiky eyelash extension refill is done 3 weeks after application. After removing the grown lashes, the empty spaces will be filled again according to your eye shape.This will give you a unique look.

1100 TL

Eyelash Extention – Volume / Refill

Volume eyelash extension refill is done 3 weeks after application. After removing the grown lashes, the empty spaces will be filled again in a voluminous way.

1200 TL

Eyelash Extention – Classic / Refill

Classic eyelash extension refill is done 3 weeks after application. After removing the grown lashes, the empty spaces will be filled again. This will keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.

950 TL

Eyelash Lift

Indulge in our Eyelash Lift procedure to reveal strengthened, voluminous, bold, and thick lashes. Using minerals and tonics, your lashes are revitalized, regaining their natural and enchanting beauty.

1200 TL

Spiky Eyelash

The Spiky eyelash extension artfully balances volume and length, complementing your eye type with varying lash lengths for a harmonious and striking result.

1500 TL

Super Volume Eyelashes

Experience fuller and more voluminous lashes with our Super Volume eyelash extension, where 2 to 9 strands are artfully placed on a single lash, creating a glamorous and dramatic effect.

2000 TL

Volume Eyelashes

For a touch of multidimensional allure, opt for our Valium eyelashes, featuring 2 to 5 strands on each lash, adding both volume and length for a captivating look.

1450 TL

Classic Eyelashes

Embrace a subtly enhanced look with our Classic eyelash services, as one artificial eyelash is applied to each natural lash, granting them a slightly fuller and longer appearance while maintaining a genuine vibe.

1200 TL

Your eyelashes are one of your facial features that define the look of your face. You can find many eyelash services in Istanbul to give you that much needed enhancement but Heli Beauty remains at the top of the list!

Finding good eyelash services in Istanbul can be a daunting task, with all the fake reviews and overcrowded salons. However, I assure you, you will never regret choosing Heli Beauty for that.

Offering numerous eyelash enhancing services, Heli Beauty is one of the most prestigious salons out there. Not only do they give you premium eyelash extensions, but also a luxurious princess treatment that you’d love!

Let us have a closer look at what Heli Beauty has to offer for your eyelashes and why choosing Heli Beauty for your eyelash services may be the best decision you ever make!

Heli Beauty Eyelash Services In Istanbul

Istanbul is saturated with many lash bars and salons that offer several beauty services. However, Heli Beauty stands out as a customer-focused and luxurious parlor that sells their creativity and not just basic services.

Heli Beauty has artists and stylists from all over the country, giving their best to provide clients with satisfactory results.

These are the services that Heli Beauty offers its clients to give their eyelashes a stunning makeover and make them look oh-so-amazing!


Heli Beauty is known for its gorgeous ambiance, dedicated staff, and creative beauty services. Their eyelash bar offers you eyelash extensions.

They are semi-permanent and look incredibly classy as they give you a natural look. The artists attach tiny fibers onto your natural eyelashes, making them appear longer and denser.

You can find these lash extensions in different styles, at different price points, all according to your taste and requirements!


Yes, while Heli Beauty is popular for their makeup and high-end products for skincare, they also offer top-notch eyelash services.

Have a look at their offered services in detail and book your next appointment accordingly!

Super Volume Eyelashes

The most premium option in their menu for eyelash extensions- is super volume eyelashes. This service includes adding 5-15 layers of eyelash extensions on top of your natural eyelashes. What makes this option the best one is the fact that it gives your lashes an incredibly full and dense look.

Along with a gorgeous appearance, getting this service also gives you some time to relax yourselves from the stress of daily life.

Heli Beauty uses the best and quickest techniques to give you the boldest, most lustrous, and most stunning eyelashes. So, buckle up for some “me time” when you book an appointment for a lash makeover!

When you have an event to attend where you want to leave an impression, going out with uneven eyelashes may not be the best of ideas.

This is where super-volume eyelashes step in! They give you the ultimate luxe look, perfect to make a statement.

The best part? Heli Beauty has priced it very reasonably priced so that everyone can afford it easily. In just 700 TL, you get a full-density extension- although semi-permanent, these eyelashes last enough to give you value for your money!

Volume Eyelashes

The second service in the list of premium eyelash services by Heli Beauty is the Volume Eyelashes.

Now, for those wondering how this is different from the one above, don’t worry, I’ll expand on that a bit.

These volume eyelashes are mutli-dimensional, and a lot like the super volume lashes that we talked about a few seconds ago.

In super eyelashes, 5-15 tiny strands were placed over each eyelash to give them a fuller look. Here, however, the process is similar but the density is lower.

In volume eyelashes service, you get 2-5 strands on each of your natural eyelashes and that extension is enough to give your lashes a darker and stronger look.

If you’re looking for something a bit low-key, this service is exactly the thing for you. It doesn’t give you that over-the-top look but a rather simple and classy look.

This is also a great option for those who are looking for reasonable options for their eyelash extensions as it only costs 600 TL.

If you compare Heli Beauty’s eyelash services with others in Istanbul, you’ll get the best value and worth for your money at Heli Beauty.

Why? Because they value their customers more than their revenue. Secondly, they try their best to give their clients the utmost satisfaction and relaxation while doing their lashes.

Classic Eyelashes

I am sure the name suggests exactly what kinda eyelash service this is. But to give you the details, I’ll elaborate on it a bit.

This service is typically for those people who are looking for a super mellow and natural look for their eyelashes. Where they wanna make their eyelashes appear simple but fuller and a bit longer.

Classic eyelashes are just an addition of one strand over each of your eyelashes- making them appear more beautiful than ever.

This keeps your natural look in place but also gives you that enhancement for more defined and gorgeous facial features.

The artists at Heli Beauty do their best to give your natural eyelashes enough boost to make them look longer, stronger, and naturally ravishing.

Book yourself an appointment at the most luxurious & prestigious lash bar and treat yourself to some classic eyelash services!

After having a long day, you’d wanna relax a bit and Heli Beauty is just the place for it. Especially if you’re getting their super cheap eyelash extensions.

For only 500 TL, you get flawless natural-looking eyelashes that just uplift your whole look.

Whether you have a mellow date planned with your beau or a day wedding coming up, these classic eyelashes will do wonders for your whole look.

Other Beauty Services Offered By Heli Beauty

Apart from their very reasonable eyelash services, Heli Beauty has a lot to offer to its clients!

Whatever beauty service you want, Heli Beauty has it. They will be there for your big day, and they will be the best fit when you want to take a break.

For instance, Heli Beauty offers some amazing makeup and hair services, especially for brides! They also offer creative nail art services- great for a relaxing day for yourself.

Other than that, you can get laser, microblading, & skincare services at Heli Beauty and enhance that natural beauty!

If you’re looking for getting slimming services and modern tanning, Heli Beauty is the perfect place for that. With their slimming services and solarium, you can get that beach bod in a matter of time!