The Best Hair Salons in Istanbul in 2023

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Heli Beauty has the best hair salons in Istanbul because they do so many things well and offer so many services. Most hair salons offer a wide range of services, such as haircuts, styling, coloring, and treatments. Heli Beauty took care of all of them, and they treat their customers so well that you can see all the nice things they say about them on their social media accounts. There are a lot of beauty salons in Istanbul, Turkey, with a wide range of prices. Here, we’ll tell you about the best places to get your hair cut in Istanbul. Let’s start with the highest-end choices first.

2000 TL
950 TL

Luxury hair salon istanbul

Luxury hair salons in Istanbul can be found in the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods, such as Maslak in the Sariyer district. Maslak is known for its financial center, its high-end shopping mall, and its modernly designed residential buildings. There are many options in Maslak for hair salons, but the best beauty salon in Istanbul is Heli Beauty, which is located near the Vadi Istanbul shopping mall in Maslak.

Usually, the services provided by high-end hair salons include the use of high-end products and methods for hair care. For example, Heli Beauty has a classier vibe and employs stylists with more experience. Heli Beauty, Istanbul’s most luxurious salon, is offering:

When it comes to hair styling, Luxury salons may offer personalized services like precise cuts and styling methods that are made to fit each client’s hair type and desired look. High-end salons use high-end coloring products and techniques to make looks that range from soft to bold. Most Luxury salons, like Heli Beauty, offer a variety of hair treatments, such as deep conditioning, hair repair, and straightening.

Exceptional quality items Luxurious hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair clips, are commonly sold in Heli Beauty hair salons. Massages, waxing, threading, makeup applications, and nail care are just some of the ancillary services that may be offered at Heli Beauty salons.

Luxury salon stylists may take the time to get to know their clients and their unique hair care needs, allowing them to provide a higher level of personalized service. There may be special quarters available for high-profile guests.

Best woman hair salon in Istanbul

The best ladies’ hair salons in Istanbul are those that provide exceptional services to the city’s ladies. Heli Beauty is Istanbul’s best example of a women’s hair salon.

The best hair salons for women in Istanbul may offer services like haircuts, styling, coloring, and treatments to meet the needs of their customers. There may be a range of hair care products for women, and they may also do hair for special occasions. Before making any suggestions, they might make sure to learn about each customer’s specific hair care needs and goals. Hair salons often offer more than just cutting and styling to meet their customers’ needs.

Luxury hair salons for women in Istanbul, like Heli Beauty Salons, may also offer luxury and comfort to their privileged customers. They might offer a more luxurious experience and hire stylists who are very good at what they do. At high-end hair salons, you can get precise haircuts, high-end coloring techniques and products, deep conditioning, hair repair, and straightening services, among other things. For their high-end clients, they might also have private rooms, VIP service, and high-end hair care products.

Heli Beauty is without a doubt the best hair salon in Istanbul for ladies because of the quality of their services and the cutting-edge technology they use in their salons to give ladies healthy, stylish hair.

Best hair stylist in Istanbul

At the moment, the best hair stylist in Istanbul works at Heli Beauty Salon. Every year, the winner of an international hair stylist competition held in Istanbul is hired by Heli Beauty. The best hairdresser in all of Istanbul works for them. If you get your hair done at Heli’s beauty salon, you should expect the best.

A great hair stylist listens to what the customer wants and worries about gives good advice, and goes above and beyond what the customer expects. They need to know what’s in and what’s out in the world of hair and be able to tell clients what cuts, colors, and styles will look best on them. In addition to cutting hair, they also need to know how to take care of it so that their client’s hair stays healthy and looks good. Stylists should love what they do and always be looking for ways to improve themselves and their craft. They should also keep up with the latest hair trends and techniques.

An excellent stylist will not only provide their clients with the greatest hair care available, but will also listen to their wishes, worries, and needs, offer sound advice and go above and beyond to satisfy their expectations. They must be aware of current hair trends to advise clients on the finest cuts, colors, and styles for their faces. They should be capable of more than just cutting and styling hair. They should also understand how to keep their hair healthy and attractive. They must be truly interested in their work, be constantly striving to improve, and have an eye for new hair trends and techniques.

At Heli Beauty’s hair salon, you can expect all of the above qualities from the best hair stylist in Istanbul.

Best hair color salon in Istanbul

The best hair color salon in Istanbul, which is Heli Beauty Hair Color Salon, is located in the Maslak District of Istanbul. Heli Beauty hair salons are a luxurious option for those looking for professional hair coloring that ensures the healthy and shiny look of colored hair. At Heli Beauty, one can expect only the best in professional colorist services.

Some of the best salons in Istanbul for coloring hair offer a lot of different ways to color hair. These procedures can give you highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, or full color. Their colorists should be able to create both subtle and bright, on-trend shades that go with each client’s skin tone, eye color, and hair texture. You can ask if they have color correction services to fix mistakes that were made when the colors were first put on. Some high-end salons offer custom coloring techniques like color melting and color blocking. As an extra safety measure, they should use high-quality hair dyes that won’t hurt their hair or scalp but will still give them a beautiful color.

The best hair color salons in Istanbul will do more than just color hair. They will also cut, style, treat, and meet with each customer individually. They should be able to give each client a color treatment that fits their needs, wants, and way of life. Based on their hair, skin, and facial features, the stylists should know which colors will look best on each client. They should also know which hair care products and treatments are best for helping clients keep their colored hair looking great. You shouldn’t make an appointment until you’ve done a lot of research on the salon’s reputation, such as through word-of-mouth and online review sites.
We think Heli Beauty is the best place in Istanbul to get your hair colored. Take our advice if you want a professional to color your hair and you want to be sure you’ll be happy with the result.

Best hair extension salon in Istanbul

The best hair extension salon in Istanbul is Heli Beauty. because their hair extensions are of high quality, and they use cutting-edge technology to put them on.

Heli Beauty, one of the best hair extension salons in Istanbul, specializes in hair extensions and has covered many new, ground-breaking ways to add extensions to hair. as:

One of the more recent developments in this field is the use of ultrasonic waves to put in hair extensions. You can use an ultrasonic device to remove hair extensions without hurting your natural hair. The bond that is made is much stronger and lasts longer than with other methods, and the extensions can even last for months. People who wear hair extensions like the ultrasonic method because it is faster and less damaging to the hair than other methods.

Laser hair extensions are another type of new technology. A laser beam is used in this method to join the extensions to the real hair. The laser makes tiny holes in the hair shaft, which are then used to put the extensions in. Then, a special glue is used to hold the extensions in place. People say that this method is less damaging than others, and the extensions can last for a few months.
Heli Beauty Salon, which is the best hair extension salon in Istanbul, used these new techniques to add hair extensions without damaging the hair. Because they use high-quality Remy human hair extensions made from 100% human hair, your hair will look natural and healthy.

Best Turkish hair salon istanbul

Top Turkish hair salons like Heli beauty salon may offer a wide range of services, such as cuts and styles, coloring, treatments, hair extensions, styling for special occasions, and one-on-one consultations. Some salons may have skilled stylists who know the latest hair care techniques and styles and who use good products. Some of the extra services they could offer are putting on makeup, waxing, threading, nail care, and massage. Plus, they might treat their customers like VIPs and have a rich, high-end atmosphere.
If you’re looking for the best Turkish hair salon in Istanbul, look no further than Heli Beauty Salon, where you’ll find a team of highly trained, multi-award-winning stylists. Heli Beauty Salon is the place to go for all your beauty needs. It has state-of-the-art equipment, personalized and friendly service, and a great atmosphere.

Best hair salon in Istanbul Taksim

It’s hard to find the best hair salons in Taksim, Istanbul, because Taksim is in the middle of the city, where there are a lot of tourists, and most Istanbul residents don’t go there very often. If you’re in Taksim and looking for the best hair salon in Taksim, I recommend Nisantasi or Maslak. You can choose Heli Beauty Salons, which is 20 minutes by car from Istanbul’s Taksim Square and is highly recommended. Heli Beauty Salons has experienced professional hairdressers and make-up artists who provide the highest quality service. Heli Beauty Salons is a modern, large salon with top-of-the-line products and cutting-edge tools, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a luxurious hair experience.

Best hair salon in Istanbul nişantaşı

Some good hair salons in Istanbul are in the neighborhood of Nisantasi. You can choose from places like most hair salons, but Heli Beauty Salon is a much better choice. Heli Beauty Salons has become the best salon in Istanbul because it offers high-quality services at a price anyone can afford. The Heli Beauty Salon branch in Nişantaş is the best hair salon in Istanbul. The main branch of the best hair salon in Istanbul, Heli Beauty, is in a neighborhood near Nişantaş called Maslak.

How much does a haircut cost in Istanbul?

A haircut in Istanbul can range from 100 to 500 Turkish lira, depending on the salon and the skill of the stylist. A regular haircut in Turkey will typically cost between 150 and 500 Turkish Lira, or $9 and USD 25. However, high-end salons and working with a highly skilled stylist will cost you more. Some salons charge different prices based on the stylist’s education and experience.

Who is the most famous hair stylist in Turkey?

Helia, who started Heli Beauty Salon, is the most well-known hairdresser in Turkey. She is known for her golden touch with different kinds of haircuts, styling, highlighting, coloring, and braiding. Because she has a lot of training and experience styling hair, many celebrities and other people who want to look their best go to her. She has been a stylist in Istanbul for many famous people from around the world. Helia is known for her creative ways of styling and her ability to make each look fit the person who wears it.

How much do you tip a hairdresser in Turkey?

Turkey expects customers to tip hairstylists and other service providers. If the service was great, Turkish hairdressers are tipped 5% of the bill. Hairstylists and receptionists often receive cash tips. It is appreciated but not expected, and the tip should match the service. You should follow the salon’s tipping policy.

Is 50 lira a good tip in Turkey?

It is customary to leave a tip of 50 lira (approximately $3) in Turkey. Although tips are not expected, they are always appreciated in Istanbul. A tip of 200 lira, or about $10, is the maximum allowed.

Do you tip hairdressers in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, it is common to thank a hairstylist for good service by giving them a tip. This is just a custom; it’s not a rule. In Istanbul, the standard tip for a hairdresser is 10%, but you can leave more if the service was great. It’s also common to give cash tips to hairstylists and receptionists, which you hand directly to them. As I said before, it’s not necessary. The amount of the tip should show how happy you were with the service. If the salon has rules about how much to tip, it’s best to find out what they are and follow them.

What should I expect from a Turkish barber?

You can expect to get a traditional and unique haircut at a Turkish barbershop. You can expect a lot from a Turkish barber. Traditional services at a barbershop are cutting hair, shaving, and trimming beards. You might be able to get your hair washed, get a massage, or get treatment as extras.

Barbers in Turkey may also know about traditional ways to care for and style hair. lots of barbershops in Turkey have a classic, masculine feel, with things like wooden barber chairs and framed photos of famous barbers from the past. Most barbers wear a white shirt and a black apron, which are more formal clothes.

Most barbershops are casual, comfortable, and friendly places that often have old barber tools and other memorabilia on display. Getting a grooming service is a fun and relaxing way to spend time. For a close shave, a Turkish barber will use time-tested methods, such as a straight razor or a Kilic, a traditional Turkish razor.

Another common way to soften hair and skin is to use a hot towel. Shaving cream, aftershave, and hair pomade are some of the things they might use to look good. Turks are known for having great customer service and paying close attention to details. Before giving professional advice, they may talk to their customers to find out what they are looking for in a barber or stylist.

Hair salon in Istanbul, Turkey prices

In Istanbul, Turkey, a visit to the hairdresser can cost anywhere from TRY 500 to TRY 2,000, depending on how popular the salon is and how skilled the stylist is. A haircut usually costs between 100 and 500 Turkish Lira, or about $5 and USD 25. Hair treatments like Keratin can cost between 1500 and 2500 lira, or about $40 and USD 125, and coloring your hair can cost between 800 and 1500 lira, or about $40 and USD 70. Luxury salons and hairstylists who have been in the business for a long time may charge more for their services. In some salons, the price depends on how well-trained and skilled the stylist is.

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